I have been asked by several individuals how they can get a picture to go with their comments. All you have to do is create a wordpress account. The account gives you a profile that you can keep updated with personal information if you want to. It Also gives you the freedom to start your own personal blog. I encourage all you bloggers from PBI to make an account. To sign up just click on the link below and create a login:


Rob Santiago


24 thoughts on “Account

  1. Michelle,

    on the upper right corner you should see your login name: Something like “Howdy Michelle” Click on that, then on the left side you should be able to upload your photo.

    You did create a wordpress account right?

  2. Ralph Ramirez says:

    I had my picture on there? I don’t know why it keeps going to different pictures? I tought that was Pastor Robert putting a mean face on me?

  3. Yeah, I don’t know what is going on either. If you have a wordpress account, and you uploaded your own photo it should use it. But for some reason it is not. I’ll keep working on it and see if i can fix it.


  4. Rob,

    I made you an Administrator as well, see if you can figure out what the heck is going on? On my other blog I made the same changes, and non of the user avatars got messed up. Ugh…

  5. Ralph, did you create a wordpress account?

    Also I notice that you are blogging under two different ID’s ralphramirez & Ralph Ramirez

    Is it possible that you have an evil twin?

  6. Ralph Ramirez says:

    Pastor Robert

    yes I did set up my acct. on my acct. my picture is up? but when I blog. it shows my evil twin. does that have something to do with God reveling the heart? it could be because I’m still upset at seeing that ugly shirt on Rob last night. you would think now that he’s married. his wife wouldn’t let him leave the house like that.

  7. karlybarly says:

    hey hey…lets not bring me in to this now! i was just learning how to be submissive and a quiet wife…i shall not speak…haha

  8. I love that shirt. Im still wearing it. The shirt will see you sunday Ralph. Thanks babe for understanding the severity of the situation and not saying anything about the shirt. The Lakers are undefeated in the playoffs when I wear that shirt. Its not about looking good, its about winning. Sorry your seasons over Ralph.

  9. Ralph Ramirez says:

    sorry Karly, your a good wife. your husband just has a ugly shirt. might not need to wear that shirt again since the streak will be over in utah.

  10. Ralph,

    I think that there is a greater force at work here. You must have done something wrong. The way it works, is like this. If you don’t have an avatar (i.e. a picture) defined, then I have it set to give you one. At that’s what has been defaulted to you.

    Rob, Karly, and mine work. But then again it must do to our great theological minds. HA!

  11. irun4fun says:

    I did sign up at But I don’t know how to get my picture on this site. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Hello Michelle (irun4fun),

    In order for your first post to show up, you first have to be approved. Once you are approved, which you have all of your posts from now on will show up right away.

    Michelle, looks like your test is working.

    Pastor Robert

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