Ready to Roll

Inquiring Minds was initially started to help out a few hungry Christians attending Paramount Bible Institute.  But over the course of time we have grown and have decided to expand our audience.  With this in mind I have recruited 3 of my friends to contribute and hopefully provide some diversified and interesting voices.

Our hopes are to challenge, inspire, amuse and hopefully help you along your journey in Christ to live an examined faith.

We also encourge you to vist our friends in our blogroll.  They were each carefully chosen as they are also on the same path and have similar desires.  They are great writes and will also challenge your thinking and provide you a wealth of information.


11 thoughts on “Ready to Roll

  1. Thanks for the welcome Nick!

    TC, I hope to live up to the expectation. I am excited and hope that with the combined efforts of my friends we will make it a place you come back often.

  2. Hello Andrew,

    Paramount Bible Institute is a Bible School that is a part of Praise Chapel Paramount, my home church. Yes it is totally church sponsored, and evangelical, and pentecostal as well. For our theology courses we use the Theological Training Program that is put together by Michael Patton from Reclaiming the Mind Ministries (see blogroll and resources on the right side).

  3. Nick, that was pretty tough to digest, I had to read it a couple of times. I am still perplex had it not been for the ending of the paragraph that help me put together what I just had read.

    “Therefore, faith seeks understanding not due to any sense of necessity but rather because understanding is the snipe of theological inquiry that faith must hunt.”

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