Interview with Nick Norelli

Nick is the owner and creative blogger of Rightly Divding the Word of Truth.

He is by far one of my favorite blogs to visit on a daily basis.  I highly recommend his blog to add to your RSS feed, blogroll, or just stop by and interact.  He has a fantasitc sense of humor, so don’t be so serious when you respond.  I hope you enjoy the interview.


RJ: When and why did you become a Christian?

Nick: Good question.  Well, I was raised Roman Catholic and I really did believe when I was a child so I guess you can say that I became a Christian at a young age.  But I left the Church at thirteen and didn’t come back to Christ until 2002 when I was twenty-one.  To make a long story short, the “why” of it all was that I realized that I was sinning against God and that if I were to die then I would go to hell.  I remember sitting with my boss at the time after work and we were smoking a joint, and I said to him, “You know, if we die right now we’ll both go to hell.”  That was the last thing he wanted to hear and he told me to stop talking about it.  But it wasn’t long after that night that I found myself at my friend’s church confessing Jesus as my Lord and savior.

RJ: Family, tell us a bit more.

Nick: I am the proud father of a wonderful six-year-old.  She’s just started the first grade and it’s gotten to the point where I can no longer outsmart her like I used to be able to.  I don’t know if that says more about me or her…  Not much more to tell.

RJ: I understand from reading your blogs at one time in your life you were very serious about pursuing a career in Rapping, care to tells us a bit more about this?  Why did you stop your pursuit in Rapping?

Nick: To make a long story short, my cousin got me interested in writing raps. He was very talented and served as a great inspiration. I was a sixteen-year-old high school drop out working 60-70 hours a week as a candy store manager and decided to fund both of our time in the recording studio. We laid down a few tracks and eventually he won some money in a lawsuit settlement and got his own equipment. We set up shop in my basement and my cousin Jose (a.k.a. Divine Wrath), his friend Dakar (a.k.a. Kaboom); and myself (a.k.a. Pestilence) started recording like crazy and trying to get record deals. My cousin ended up moving to Florida for a while and taking the equipment with him so Kaboom got his own equipment and turned his bedroom into a recording studio (mic booth and all!) and we worked from there.  I recorded one full length album called Overdue and was 80% done with my follow-up album when God saved me.  After I got saved God showed me that rapping wasn’t what he had planned for me, and even though I wrote a couple of “holy hip hop” songs, I eventually just gave it up.  Plus I had always said that if I didn’t get a record deal by the time I was twenty-one I’d quit.  God just happen to save me at twenty-one. It seems that he knew what he was doing. 🙂

RJ: I know that you go to a Pentecostal church, is that the same church you have been going to since you became a Christian?

Nick: Yes sir.  This is the church that I was born again in.  But over the last year I’ve been splitting my time between my home church and my friend’s church.  It’s all the same family because my pastor is his overseer.

RJ: How did you come across blogging, and why did you start?

Nick: I had come across blogging by various internet searches but I never thought to start my own.  In fact, I had no idea that it was free.  But what got me into blogging was a young Calvinist named Moses Flores whom I was debating on the topic of Total Depravity.  I saw that he had a blog and once I found out that it was free I thought it would be something good for me to get into.  Up until that point I had maintained a homepage on AOL in which I wrote on various topics concerning apologetics, Bible, and theology.  Blogging was basically a way of doing the same thing but in “real time” and with feedback from others.

RJ: You seem to have found a niche in how and what you blog on, so where do you get your inspiration to write, and how do you determine what to post?

Nick: I basically just blog on whatever comes to mind (theology, Bible, sports, movies, etc.).  The inspiration I guess comes from everything around me and ultimately God.  Perhaps my blog is theopneusutos. 😉

RJ: Book reviews; you write some of the best and objective ones that I have read, and you do a very good job.  What got you interested in writing them?

Nick: Objective? Not really, I’m as biased as the next guy, but good question.  I think what got me interested was a simple desire to share some thoughts about what I had been reading.  I’m a loyal reader of Chris Tilling’s blog and I noticed that he had been doing a lot of book reviews and he kept thanking all these publishers for the free books.  I thought that his being a PhD student had something to do with it but he told me that all I had to do was ask.  So I did and seventy-something books later, here I am. 🙂

RJ: How did you become so well learned in theology?  I am amazed at how articulate and knowledgeable you are.  As best as I understand you have not had any formal training, correct?  Do you plan to?

Nick: Wow!  It’s certainly news to me that I’m well learned in theology!!!  Thanks for the kind words but I don’t know that I can affirm them.  I know the things I know from personal study and I’d say that my three-year unemployment when I was first saved had a lot to do with it.  I had all day every day to read the Bible, fast, pray, and ask question upon question (both to myself, other ministers, and God).  I have not received any formal training although I’ve read quite a few of the same books that people who have received formal training are required to read.  I guess the main difference is that they have an instructor guiding them through the course which is obviously beneficial.  I don’t have any firm plans on receiving formal training but it is a dream of mine.  If ever God works it out so that I’ll have the time and the money to do it, then I’m all in.

RJ: Do you see yourself still blogging in 5 years?

Nick: I don’t know; I hope so.  I can’t think of any good reason why I wouldn’t be.

RJ: What sort of blogs do you like to read?

Nick: I like to read all kinds of blogs but they have to generally be about the Bible and theology.  I enjoy the blogs that post pretty consistently, don’t bog me down with ridiculously long posts to read (like this interview is, sorry readers, really, I am!).  And I like blogs that let me know a bit about the author.

RJ: Which is your favorite blog you go to (besides mine – hahaha)?  I know that is a loaded question so feel free to add more than one and tell us why.

Nick: Ooh, tough one.  If I’m forced to pick just one then I have to say Esteban Vázquez’s blog Vox Stefani.  I follow it religiously because he’s one of the wittiest and most insightful bloggers around.  I never fail to learn or be entertained by his writing.  But I really enjoy all of those blogs on my blogroll and they’re there for a reason.  I keep another 70 or so in my RSS feed as well.

RJ: What advise do you have for bloggers?  Those just starting off, and those that have been doing it for a while.

Nick: Be yourself (so if you’re obnoxious, be obnoxious; if you’re thoughtful, be thoughtful, etc.), and keep it short and simple, unless the topic requires that it be long and complicated, in which case I won’t read it but someone else might. 😉

RJ: Open question – anything else you like to share?

Nick: Hmm… Well, I hate seafood; all of it! And not for lack of trying; I tried a piece of fish yesterday and it almost made me vomit!

Thanks for choosing to interview me Robert. It was fun!  Now let’s see if anyone actually reads the whole thing. 😛


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