Why did God create man?

There are many reasons why God created man but what I want us to do is put our heads together and examine the main scriptures you would believe to have the answer. Let us take the time to share and reflect on the scriptures that mold our theology. As we blog and encounter the doctrine of free will I ask we all share our view honestly for the main purpose to express our interpretation. Let us come together in this forum to teach each other our current interpretations of why God created man.

Let us answer this question.

Job 7:17-18

“What is man that you magnify him, and that you are concerened about him, that you examine him every moment and try him every moment?”

-Rob Santiago


14 thoughts on “Why did God create man?

  1. Rob: Some folks think that because God is love and love must be expressed that he created man. I don’t know that I buy that, but that’s only because as a Trinitarian I see that God has always been expressing love within himself (i.e., the Father loves the Son and Spirit, and vice versa). But it’s an interesting though.

  2. ralphramirez says:

    From our study on Genesis I truly believe that man was created for a relationship with god. If you look at your life. Relationships are one of the most important things in our life. It’s what we long for. In the same way I think God longs for a relationship with me and you. with those who take time to spend with Him. I believe He is well pleased. I know I find please when my kids want to spend time with me.

  3. Well, it’s not like God was lonely or anything…

    I think the relationship aspect is because we reflect God’s image.

    Does the WSC have any imput in the matter?

    Q. 1. What is the chief end of man?
    A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever (cf. Isa 43:7)?


  4. boris57 says:

    Why was lucifer cast down from heaven and not destroyed on the spot? Man is destined to play a part in his ultimate demise before the triumphant return of Jesus. By glorifying God, are we not proclaiming victory over the evil one, bringing him one step closer to his end that only God can fulfill.

  5. ralphramirez says:

    Maybe I misunderstood the question? I’m not implying that God was lonely and he was in need of relationship. but we are created in his image. we are the one’s in need of a relationship. but I think God enjoys that relationship. as we studied in class last night “it’s not about us.” but that’s something you learn after being a serving Christian for a long time. when you talking to the new comer. it is all about them. or else why do outreach? why do we evangelize? our relationship with God is the key. the most important thing for me? why did God create man? to glorify Him is a very good answer. perhaps the answer you were looking for? but I’m sticking with relationship. sorry it’s so simple. do we try to make God more confusing than He is? some times it seems like it.

    I do like the whole take on the good and evil. using us in battle over Satan.

  6. Ralph I agree with you regarding pure relationship but as I stated last night I believe we cannot pin one answer to why God created man. For Relationships, Love, and Glory are all good answers and all good reasons.

    For a brief review the four reasons we talked about last night to why God created man:

    1. Because God is a creative God
    2. So that man would be able to glorify God
    3. So that God would be able to share His glory with others.
    4. To accomplish His will unto whatever end.

    all these are great answers.

  7. 4discussion says:

    i think the relationship answer is as near as possible, though relationship implies alot more than just sitting around sipping tea!

    i had trouble with this position for a while though. i saw that the first thing that man is given is a task, not a relationship status. until i looked at the part about adam choosing a helper. he checked out all the animals, but they didnt connect. the ox gave strength, etc., but somehow that wasnt enough “help”. he was satisfied with the woman, cause they were alike. she wouldnt just add strength, but genuine companionship. it was then that i realized that before man was given a task he was, created in “god’s image”. since he was “like god” he could have a genuine relationship with god.

    simply put, though man was created for a “task”, that “task” was to come out of a “relationship”.

  8. cinabo says:

    To me the answer is simple. Ask a married couple why they want a child?
    1. It is an expression of their love – so it is with God.
    2. The couple wants to provide, protect, teach, share what they have with that child – so it is with God.
    3. In return the couple will enjoy seeing their child grow, laugh, learn and become more like them – so it is with God.
    The problem is sin that sperates that “child” (man) from God.
    SMIPLY AN EXPRESSION OF GOD’S LOVE….just my thoughts.

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