Sorry all for the constant changes in the look and feel of the blog. I am tossed between a few that I really like and I am still testing to see which one I will stick with. I promise after this week I will not change it anymore.


7 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. The dome, you don’t like the dome? It’s representative of Greek Orthodox Theology. 😉 Help us to remember our roots. It’s meant to be a metaphor. – hahaha

    I’ll work on another photo, my computer with most of my photography is not working so I have limited access to some of my landscape work.

    Do you like the new font?

  2. Well Rob, I really like this current layout the original one. But the one thing that just bugs me is that it does not add who added the post. We have have to remember to include our name on each so that the readers know who’s who 😉

  3. Yeah, but it does not add our names, like some of the other templates do. It’s no big deal, just something that bugged me a bit. I really do like this layout with the color scheme and what not. The fonts are also really easy to read.

    I was thinking of just creating categories, for each of us and then we just add our tags as we need them.

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