BlackBerry Storm – full touch screen

For all of you propeller heads (when I worked at Disney that’s what the artist use to call us Tech People) out there the BlackBerry Storm is coming soon, only on Verizon. Hopefully this will be a real competitor against the iPhone.

Verizon has it here at it’s website, check it out.  There really isn’t any further information.  If it is as good as the iPhone I will get one myself next year when my contract is up.  I just don’t care to switch over to AT&T.

I just hope it is not another feeble attemt to compete with the iPhone.  All of the other ones that I have seen don’t come close.  Hopefully this one will, it’s good for consumers to have healthy competition, helps drive the price down.  Although I am hearing that this will start at $199.00.


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm – full touch screen

  1. Spice says:

    competitor against the iPhone??? ya, i guess healthy competition is good (let’s hear it for lower prices!) – let’s see how much competition this one will give. ya, the others don’t compare, for sure. i am a mac person all the way (windows??? what is that??). when i get back to the states, i will hop on board with an iPhone. – sincerely, a proud propeller head (aka Spice 🙂

  2. Hello Spice, nice of you to finally stop by.

    Yeah, I am not holding my breath. Although I do think over time the Google phone will become a serious competitor. Not necessarily the one being offered today by TMobile, but I yet to see any reviews.

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