ESV Study Bible – Just got it!

I just received my ESV Study bible, and it is thick (2750 plus pages)! First thing I did was to log on to the online version, and it is very impressive. I added a note right away as I wanted to see how this function works. It adds a note on the left column. What I don’t like is that the note is always displayed. It would be nice to have these notes collapse and expand, with a heading attached to it.

All of the articles, maps, and images you can cut and paste to your favorite word editor or blog. That is a big plus as that will assist when preparing lessons or blogging. I will post more in the next few days once I get a chance to fully look it over. Just wanted to share that I got mine already.

I purchased the Trutone Natural Brown bible, and it is really nice. No complaints so far. The cover has a double stitch going all the way around. Overall I am not sure how much use I will get out this bible, since it has been years since I have use a study bible. Most of them I have just outgrown. I hope to see a similar study bible that will be offered by Holman CSB, and even the TNIV.


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Nathan Stitt

Nick Norelli


10 thoughts on “ESV Study Bible – Just got it!

  1. Nathan Stitt says:

    Mine came in the mail yesterday and I was just getting ready to post the news. This bible is so massive that I have no idea when I’ll be able to post a thorough review. 🙂

  2. Nathan, do you know if the TNIV is a new study bible, or an old one with the TNIV text?

    Another issue that I have with the online ESV Study bible. You cannot modify your notes once you add them. If you wanted to edit your notes, you have to copy, delete it, then re-add with your changes or update.

    I am really looking for an on line version that I will allow me to fully add notes that can be edited, and linked to other sections as well (this may be possible still learning).

  3. Nice picture of the ESVSB. You’re causing me to covet. :;

    Just curious…is the jury still out on “TruTone”? It seems like it is a relatively new type of ‘leather’; yet it feels quite flexible. My only concern is whether or not it will last a long time seeing that I’m about to throw down a good chunk of $$$ on it.

    By the way, nice site you’ve got here Robert!

  4. Erik, nice of you to stop by. Well the photos of the ESVSB are taken from their site, I didn’t think they mind at all if I borrowed them.

    TruTone is so new only time will tell. But the good news is which ever bible you buy, they are all stitched bound which if your TurTone became torn, or the TruTone cover fell apart you can always get your bible rebound, in a fine leather.

    I appreciate your comment on the site. I am not completely happy with the look, but I don’t have time to dedicate to improving the look so I have settled for this one.

  5. Well not sure about that. No doubt it is good, but it does have a theological basis.

    Also, your site tniv-is-a-joke seems extreme. After all you have a high number of endorsements from sound evangelical scholars for the TNIV.

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