Ever wonder who is blogging the most?

I sometime wonder who is posting the most out of all the blogs that read on a regular basis.  I just started using Google Reader to manage all of the blogs, and sites that I visit daily.  One of the tools is the ability to get an average of how often one post at their blog.  Here are the top Ten Bloggers that I read:

  1. Rightly Dividing the Word – 24.3 posts per week
  2. New Leaven 16.1 posts per week 
  3. Parchment & Pen – 7.9 posts per week
  4. Ben Witherington III – 6.8 posts per week
  5. Sunestauromai – 6.3 posts per week
  6. Scripture Zealot – 5.6 posts per week
  7. Theologer – 5.6 posts per week
  8. Koinonia – 5.1 posts per wek
  9. He is Sufficient – 4.4 posts per week
  10. The Voice of Stefan – 4.0 posts per wek

Regarding the top 3, there was no suprises there,  they keep me busy.  I average 3.7 posts per week


11 thoughts on “Ever wonder who is blogging the most?

  1. Hey TC, yeah for a while there it seemed like you were posting every hour 🙂

    Nick, does blog a lot, but he is blessed and his life allows him the privilege to blog at the pace that he does.

    Hey I just want to say thanks to all of you for enriching my life more. You guys are the best, and there are more, I only listed the top ten. You guys are like a Band of Brothers to me, or shall I dare say “Band of Bloggers“.

  2. ElShaddai, from GR, select Home, then “Top Recommendations View All” (on the right side), then select the Browse tab. Scroll to the bottom and enter the blog you want to subscribe to:
    Search and Browse

    Esteban, hey I don’t know how accurate this info is but based on the amount of reading I do, it felt right. Plus these are averages, but I don’t know how far back it’s tracking. Is it lifetime, weekly, monthly???

    Just thought it was fun information, to either make you proud, insult you or make you wonder what the hell am I doing with my time 😉

  3. I didn’t even think I would be in the list….

    I might be blogging somewhat frequently but my readership isn’t even anywhere near Nick or TC’s. TC switched to WP after I did and has 3 or 4 times as many hits as I do.

  4. Brian: WordPress doesn’t really tell you how wide of an audience you have since it only measures the actual visits to the blog. There’s more people reading in RSS feeds that we never even know about.

  5. Brian, I am pretty much now reading all the blogs through Google Reader (GR). It really helps to have them all in one place. I even added a few more just because I was able to quickly scan without having to visits sites. I know that other RSS feeders do the same thing, but I like the way GR allows you to organize them.

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