Theological Word of the Week

imago dei

Lat. “image of God”

The theological concept that man uniquely represents the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26-27). It is debated exactly what characteristics are unique to man. The options are many: personality, eternality, relationality, volitionality, rationality, spirituality, morality, dominionality. The best option seems to be that man possesses all these qualities to a greater degree than does the rest of creation. According to the Christian worldview, the imago dei was marred at the fall, but not destroyed. Therefore, all people still represent God’s image and have dignity as his image bearers (Gen. 9:6; Jam. 3:8-9).


2 thoughts on “Theological Word of the Week

  1. Brian Flagler says:

    Unrelated to this post, I read your blog on the Biblecentre site from earlier this year. I thought you and your friends may like to know that the Biblecentre site is illegal. The works on the site have been pirated by Mr. Amue without permission from the books’ authors or publishers. Mr. Amue is currently under court order to take the site down.

    See Justin Taylor’s blog on this subject:

  2. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for the heads up. I went to site biblecentre and noticed that it was no longer operational.

    By the way I unpublished the post I had and I also removed the link from my old blog.

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