BlogRoll Update

I have added a few more updates to my blogroll, like the NLT and ESV blog.  But what I really want to point out is the new blog by Joon Yi, owner of In Christ Books.

This book store is near my home and I often purchase books from his store.  Most of the time his prices are close enough to Amazon or  I do believe in supporting local businesses, but this book store is not your average Christian devotional book store.  It’s a heavy hitter, and he stocks most of the books one is looking for.  You know how you think about buying a book, but not sure about it’s content, well that’s the great thing about this book store I can go there and really read and skim through some chapters to see if I really want this book or not.  He does cater to BIOLA University, so that is the reason he is well stocked.

On his blog he is posting overviews of various books, and I would think that if one were to ask him further questions I would hope that he would respond.  If he doesn’t let me know and next time I am at his store I will let him know.

Also During the week of October 27th (Mon.) thru. November 1st (Sat.) Over 95% of all the products in the store will be discounted 35% to 40% from the list price (used books discounted 20%).  I don’t know if this will apply over Internet purchases, I’ll ask him over at his blog.


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