In Christ Books Sale

During the week of October 27th (Mon.) thru. November 1st (Sat.) In Christ Books will have over 95% of all the products in the store discounted from 35% to 40% from the list price (used books discounted 20%).

Joon, did get back to me and the discounts will be applicable to on-line purchases as well, just be sure to follow these instructions:

  1. Just make normal purchase on-line, but make sure to put “Fall Sale” in comment section.  Don’t worry we will not charge your credit card at this point.
  2. We will contact you by email with adjusted prices and stock availability.
  3. If you have changes to be made, we can do it. With your final approval, we charge your credit card accordingly.

That’s it.

Also remember the products you see on our web is not complete list of what we carry. We have a lot more in our physical store. So we encourage you to stop by if possible, or give them a call.


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