I don’t understand – say what?

I was reading a post over at Adrian Warnock, and he reposted this statement.  I am unclear as to what is being said.  Is a charge being made that Arminians deny that there is “none righteous no not one”?  Is good ole’ Dr. Packer saying that Arminians don’t beleive in total depravity?  Can someone help me  understand what charge is being made by this statement if any?

adrianwarnock.com: One Point Calvinism: “This is the one point of Calvinistic soteriology which the “five points” are concerned to establish and Arminianism in all its forms to deny: namely, that sinners do not save themselves in any sense at all,”  – J. I. Packer

That is not Classical Arminian teaching as I understand it.  It sounds more like the myth’s that are propagated by the uninformed.  It is sad to see a brillent mind like Packer not be able to properly understand what Jacob Ariminus wrote.


2 thoughts on “I don’t understand – say what?

  1. It’s the standard Calvinist straw man argument, nothing more. For the Apostle Paul “faith” was the anti-work, yet for Calvinists “faith” is a work. So when Arminians say that we have to place “faith” in Jesus in order to be regenerated, Calvinists say that we’re working for our salvation. Packer is no better than the average message board poster, chat room chatter, or blog commentator in this respect. Boo for him!

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