NLTSB – will they give me one to review?

After waiting for months for the ESVSB to arrive I must say that I am at best ok with it.  I was afraid that it was going to take a Calvinist theological approach to it’s doctrinal pages, and commentaries.  Although I was not certain, but fairly sure that they would.  Well no surprises, when I started reading that was the case.  I do applaud them for their efforts, and for those that are Calvinist I am sure you will love it.

I cannot recommend it to anyone at my church since we do not hold to a Calvinist position.  I suppose to a mature Christian I can, but I doubt that I would.  I would be more incline to recommend the NLTSB, if I had one to review.

ESVSB is friendly towards Charismatics, but honestly if I wanted a study bible that had a  Charaistmaics/Pentecostals position I would have purchased another one.  But that is my point, I do not want a study bible that has a particular theological bent.  I already own enough of those, and don’t find them useful.

Now I understand that the NLTSB has chosen to not have a theological bent towards any camp, although I have read a few reviews that show that it may have a few here and there, but not enough to label it towards any particular theological postion.  What I do like about the ESVSB is the on-line version.  However, the NLTSB does have an on-line version as well, and I would rather invest my time with them.

Now I wonder if NLT is still sending out copies to review.  Since I am not committed to the ESVSB, and hope to find something better and less theologically in your face, maybe the NLT will become my study bible.  Choices, choices, choices.  Maybe Laura Bartlett will find it in her heart to send me a review copy.

Oh well if left to spend my own money, and I have to choose I might just invest in a high quailty TNIV fine leather reference bible.

Great Reviews to read:


15 thoughts on “NLTSB – will they give me one to review?

  1. I didn’t get a review copy of the NLTSB, but I did win one during their giveaway, and I really love it. I made very similar observations during my review (no particular denomination slant, etc.) I’m still loyal to the NASB for reading and study, but I find myself opening my NLTSB almost everyday when I’m reading…”Huh, I wonder what the NLT says about this verse or that verse?” I continue to be impressed with.

    P.S. I do not have an ESVSB, yet.

  2. Peter, that is good information to pass along. I am a bit disappointed with the ESVSB. It states itself as going deeper, but if going deeper means being a Calvinist, than that is a turn off for me personally.

    If they were going to give a theological position, I would have rather they give a a few interpretations. However, I would have preferred that they gave some scriptural reference, maybe pose a question and let you figure out it’s possible meaning.

    If you are a Calvinist you will like it a lot, if you are not then I think it will just be ok. I don’t want to overly bash it, it is a good study bible, but the particular slant just leaves me with a bad taste.

    It’s the typical I am right you are wrong attitude, and I just don’t care for that in my bibles.

  3. I am always reluctant to define myself with any such labels. I feel fortunate that I pretty much came back to Christianity with a clean slate. I grew up Catholic, but strayed from Christianity altogether when I went off to college. I returned a few short years ago and was saved (or re-saved, I guess, depending on your theological bent) in a Spirit-filled Baptist Church (yes, they do exist) and we now attend a non-denominational Church. I’m sort of a religious mutt, so I don’t fit into any particular camp.

  4. hey Peter, I know what you mean. Even though I can best classify myself as a pentecostal, we are really a non-denominational church, we are neither AG or 4sq.

    Spirit-filled Baptist, write to Roger Olson, I am sure he would have great appreciation for that.

  5. TC, yeah I was disappointed. I was really hoping that it was going to stick with more on explaining original language, spending time on difficult passages where Christians have disagreement and maybe explaining the different positions. Or why there may be a possible different translation of particular verses.

    I think that would have been more useful. I do like the book introductions, they seem very useful, so do the charts, maps, etc. But the on line versions are much more useful as I can integrate those with Power Point presentations.

    But I suppose it accomplished what it set out to do. It’s just not for me.

  6. Nathan Stitt says:

    I’m still debating whether to request the NLT or TNIV study bibles. I don’t have the time to compare them right now, but I might do it over christmas break or something.

  7. Nathan, I don’t even know who to ask 🙂

    I just download the TNIV to my Palm TX, and now I can read it side by side with the CSB. Also, before I go to sleep I read the same chapters in the NLT. I was going to download the NLT, but they ( are charging $18.00 for the download, twice as much as the TNIV.

  8. Nathan Stitt says:

    well zondervan has a spot on their website where you can request a copy for review. i did that once for the tniv reference bible but never heard back, nor did i receive one. elshaddai edwards sent me his review copy however, and i passed it on to my pastor, who passed it on to another pastor. i’m sure the NLT has a similar program in place, it’s just a matter of looking for it, or asking.

    i’d encourage you to obtain the NLT, it has proven extremely worthwhile in comparisons in my experience.

  9. Nathan, thanks for the referral. I’ll see if I can get a review copy, if not I may consider purchasing the NLTSB mostly because I am interested in the on-line capabilities. From what I have read the ESVSB on-line is currently better, but the NTLSB is still in beta.

    I really want to commit to a study bible on line and start making most of my notes there. I love the idea of online internet storage.

  10. Nathan Stitt says:

    Well the ESV is being really well supported in the technology department, that is my favorite thing about the translation. The online study bible is also very nice, so you really can’t go wrong there.

  11. Nathan, well I purchased the NLTSB. I really want to see what improvements they make with the on-line version. Right the ESVSB on-line version is much better. But it does say that it is in Beta, and we will see what happens here in the next few months.

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