Why Zondervan bought Biblegateway.com

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We have a vision that if we create a lot of synergy across all Christian content providers, we can have more impact on the Internet. As part of this vision, we felt we had to have the best Bible reference in the world. BibleGateway has a very publisher-independent solution and is the most widely-used Bible reference site in the world, so we thought it would be a great starting point to build something even more spectacular for online access to Christian biblical content.


4 thoughts on “Why Zondervan bought Biblegateway.com

  1. Yeah, the news broke a few weeks ago. I thought I would post this for those interested in knowing why.

    Gospelcom was shutting down, so the I think that it being bought by Zondervan is a good thing. They have more resources and may be offering other products for free on line.

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