Understanding the humanity of Christ – Introduction

My goal is to have better understand the humanity of Christ.  Most of us spend a great deal of time understanding his divinity which is understandable, but I think that all too often we neglect his human side.  I realize the dangers and incorrect conclusions one can come to when approaching this topic.  But I have taken every precaution to avoid any such errors.

However, from the preliminary studies that I have done, I have come to a much deeper appreciation of who God is, and just how deep his love is for humanity.  Understanding his humanity gives us a better picture of how great his sacrifice truly was.  I hope that I will be able to successfully communicate my findings, and I am blogging because I yearn for the interaction, and look to my friends for correction, and guidance.  This will be a three part series, but if certain sub points cause the post to get to long, I will break it up.

The areas that I am workings towards a better understanding are:

  1. What does it mean that He made himself nothing?
  2. Was Jesus truly tempted as we are?
    1. Or was He just tested, and not tempted, or both?
    2. And if He was tempted, and not just tested, then was Jesus truly capable of sinning?
  3. To what degree was Jesus Spirit led?
    1. Where the miracles Jesus preformed done through his divinity, or through the power of the Holy Spirit?
    2. Was his life of obedience accomplished through his submission to the Holy Spirit?
  4. Should the Spirit directed humanity of Christ be the paradigm for us to follow?


  1. Understanding the humanity of Christ – Philippians 2:6
  2. Similar post on Pauline Christology – Philippians 2

I want to be perfectly clear that I affirm that Jesus is fully and completely God, & fully and completely human. Also,  The divine and human natures of Christ are distinct, and the divine and human natures of Christ are completely united in one person. (ESVSB)

In addition to the various books (I will cite them as I go along) that I am consulting, the primary book that I am working with is: Gordon Fee “Pauline Christology” 2007 Hendrickson

I will also be referencing the NLTSB & the ESVSB online editions for every scripture I reference.  This will also serve as a benchmark on the usefulness of the study notes, and how user friendly the online versions are.  I will make an effort to take notes and will summarize at the end of this series.

The four major translations that I will be consulting will be ESV, TNIV, CSB, & NLT

I hope to have the first post ready within the week, and the others will follow.  I am taking my time as to ensure proper research, and to double check my conculsions.  I do hope that those following long will contribute, learn, and leave with a deeper apprication for the Great Mighty God that we serve.

To all his Glory! Amen

Robert Jimenez

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