Top 10 Fav Bloggers – Who actually have a real life

I know I am stealing the idea from others, but what the heck.  I was inspired by TC’s posting 🙂  This is all in fun, so please chuckle and be proud.

These are my favorite top 10 blogs from bloggers that actually have a life and can’t devote the quantity of time to blog on a daily basis.  The main criteria that I used, they have gone at least 5 days without blogging more than once.  And I really do enjoy them when they do blog.  Of which of course I totally belong to that group of going more than 5 days without blogging, as a matter of fact I have gone up to 15 days without blogging.

10.  Chrisendom

9.   BlogRodent

8.   Communal Feast

7.   Discipulus Scripturae

6.   Arminian Perspective

5.   The Voice of Stefan

4.   New Epistles

3.   He is Sufficient

2.   Scripture Zealot

1.   This Lamp


29 thoughts on “Top 10 Fav Bloggers – Who actually have a real life

  1. Nathan Stitt says:

    Finally a blog list that I can make! You missed me back when I was blogging like a maniac last spring. With this new job I just don’t have the time like I used to. 8)

  2. I’m honored. I’ll try to keep posting not too much. Coming up with posts that might be interesting and doing book reviews is hard work.

    Being in the same list with Esteban is almost to much for me to bear. Pray for strength.

  3. Hey guys, I would like it duly noted that I did not blog from Dec.1 to Dec. 6. I also did not blog from Nov. 22 to Nov. 29.

    I claim to be both fascinating online and someone who “has a life.” Sadly I realize that you did not actually check my blog archives to verify your hypothesis. Oh well. Your loss.

  4. Jeff, too funny.

    I was reading all of these grand honors that our fellow bloggers received, and I thought I would just for grins give a bit of honor for those of us that just try. But I had to mix in a few, how shall I say this with out offending the rest of us, a few well esteemed colleagues just so that we are in good company, like Esteban. But he did meet the criteria.

    As far as trying to come up with posts that are interesting, I gave up. I just post what is of interest to me, realize my limitation, and try to have fun in the process.

    The other things that I am posting on are subjects that I am trying to better understand. That way if I make a wrong conclusion, I am confident my fellow bloggers will shed some light on the matter which will help me out.

  5. Dear Sue,

    Please accept my apologies. As this was a truly subjective, unscientific totally biases Top 10 list. Created for my amusement and to just acknowledge a few blogs that I follow on regular basis.

    Well as an official blogging slacker I present you with the honorary Top 10 Plus Fav Blogger. You are number 1.

    Thanks for stopping by 😉

  6. Gee whiz. I hope you didn’t take my protest too seriously. I was actually quite happy to check my own record and find out that according to you I do have a life. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, in fact. 🙂

  7. Yes, finally a Top 10 list that I can relate to! Thanks for the link, Robert – I really do appreciate it!

    As for my life, work and practice/rehearsals for Christmas concerts have been consuming all my energy. But I have to say that I’m glad to have a job and the ability to worship with my horn.

  8. Sue, I didn’t take you serious at all, and sorry if I led you to believe that. A sense of humor is mandatory here.

    Rick, your site is really the number one site I wish would post more, but I know you are busy. There are times I wonder “has Rick updated his bible reviews, has he posted anything new on the CSB, TNIV, or NLT, I wonder what he thought about the latest Batman animated movie release on DVD?” You and I are about the same age so we have much in common. I wish I had enough ideas to blog on a regular basis, I just don’t – hahaha.

    ElShaddai, I am glad that you have not quit blogging, and have stuck it out. I too am so darn busy. I work full time, I have a 14 year old son, married, assistant pastor, director and teacher at our bible institute, plus all of my hobbies, photography – not doing enough of, reading, reading, and oh did I mention reading? Plus I have to make time for people at my church as they have needs, or want to meet with me for whatever reason.

    I so appreciate those that are committed to blogging on a daily basis. It’s a tough thing to do, and I have nothing but admiration for those that can do it as often as they do. But hey, I just wanted to encourage those of us that love to blog and read blogs, but just don’t have the same opportunities to blog daily. Blog often, if not daily!

  9. I was just thinking how bad I have been. I have not even been able to faithfully keep up with my “Friday’s with Fee”. I started that as a means to have some consistency in my blogging and was hoping it would help me to at least blog something on a weekly basis. But as you can see, I have not, but I did post one today.

  10. ElShaddai, I am glad that you have not quit blogging […]

    I have to admit that it is a temptation these days just to pull the plug, but I enjoy writing too much when I have the time, so I’ll keep at it from my under-educated backwater of blogdom!

    You earlier wrote: As far as trying to come up with posts that are interesting, I gave up. I just post what is of interest to me, realize my limitation, and try to have fun in the process.


  11. Wow, I had no idea I was on such a list! Thanks for the kudos (yay! I made #2!).

    And, for what it’s worth, I *think* about blogging every day. I just don’t have the time with 10+ hours in the car on top of a full-time job and a new baby in the house.

    Thanks, again!


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