Who has influenced you?

I was thinking about this the other day and thought that I would blog on this.

Who has been the most controversial theologian or pastor that has influenced you in one way or another.

For me it has to be none other than Dr. Gene Scott.  I listened to him teach for most of my life on and off up until his death on Feb. 21, 2005.  Wikipedia refers to him as a “highly controversial Bible teacher”.

Sure he did things that I did not agree with and I am not trying to justify his actions, but I understood why.  I think he was one of the best bible teachers behind the pulpit.  Yeah, I know he taught on strange things like the pyramids, and royal linage of the British being of Jewish descent.  Like we don’t have our own quirky views.  His antics were over the top, but that made him all the more interesting to watch.

I even attended his church for about one year (I was grieving the death of my pastor of 16 years).  Attending his church gave me anonimity and I did not have to associate with anyone.  I did not like that at all, but it served it’s purpose for me during this time.  I was going through a lot of changes, but that’s another story.

It was fun attending his church felt like a big classroom.  I use to bring my greek interliner bible because he read so much out of the greek.  Some of the attendees only brought the Greek NT.  It’s where I became very interested in learning more of the Greek language.  He loved God’s word, and never abandonded his Pentecostal heritage.  On more than one occasion I heard him affirm his pentecostal positions.  Also on more than one service I even saw mean old Gene shed some tears as he spoke about Christ.  Yes he did have an influnce on my life, and taught me an all important understanding on the grace of God.

How about you?  Who has been the most controversial theologian or pastor that has influenced you in one way or another.


3 thoughts on “Who has influenced you?

  1. Greg Boyd is probably the most controversial theologian that has influenced me. I might say N.T. Wright as well since he is controversial in some quarters but I can’t really point out specific things he’s influenced me on that are controversial.

    Bryan L

  2. Robert, great question! I asked my wife and a few names were tossed around. It’s rather tough for me since most I do not agree with on everything.

    I can think of MacArthur as an expositor, Piper for his passion for God, Swindoll for his pastor’s heart and insight, Stanley for his simplicity, NT Wright for helping to rereading the NT documents, FF Bruce for his overall scholarship, DA Carson for his overall scholarship, Fee for his Pauline touch, Boyd for his focus on the kingdom, Myles Munroe for his leadership, John Eldredge for his adventure in writing, Yancey from whom I’ve learned so much, Max Lucado for his touch of grace, and CS Lewis is my literary hero.

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