Limited Edition Ministers Bible – HCSB

Holman just released a Limited Edition Ministers Bible HCSB, in a fine soft, supple cowhide leather bible.  The retail price for this gem is $150.00, if it is anything similar to their Legacy Bible (the nice one, not the original one that was made out of some stiff cheap leather) then it will be a very nice one to have. This is a wide margin single column black letter edition and it appears that they have added a few more minister helps as well.

If I understand the advertising correctly the leather bible cover is made by Biblias Abba, they produce some of the best leather bibles so you can be sure this is a fine quality product.  By the way they will also rebound your favorite bible as well.

I own the prior edition which I really like to read.  The fonts are excellent, the spread between the text is nice, and the leather is a good cowhide, but not soft or supple, or flexible in anyway but it is a nice grain matte finish.  I have often thought of sending this one out and having it rebound.  I used mine the other day when I had to speak at a funeral.  You can read a bit more about it here.

I don’t know if it contains the 2nd Edition or not, if it did that would be awesome.  I have an email out to Jim Baird (B&H Academic – Vice President of Marketing & Sales) asking him to verify.


The Limited Edition Ministers Bible is still the first edition (i.e. not HCSB 2nd edition)


19 thoughts on “Limited Edition Ministers Bible – HCSB

  1. Joe says:

    I will be very surprised if it had the 2nd edition text, if it doesn’t, whats the point, in a year it will be outdated. It will be nice to get some information about publication dates regarding the 2nd edition though.

  2. Joe, my thoughts exactly. I own the Legacy Bible and from the photo the cover looks very similar. I can tell you this is one very nice bible.

    That is one thing that I like about Holman Bibles, all of their leather (bonded as well) bibles are all well made. They are all sewn stitched.

    I wonder why someone would shell out $150.00 for an edition that will be replaced, assuming that it is not the 2nd edition. Unless their angle is just that a true “Limited Edition”. But even then why would you purchase it. I feel in an odd spot I own at least 4 editions of this bible.

  3. I’ve seen the minister’s Bibles around (there are other versions) I just haven’t spent enough time looking through them to know of their benefits. I know some of the basic features and all, I just don’t know how good those features are – perhaps I’ll have to see if I can get a review copy and really go through it? I’ll have to see too if one will come out in the TNIV too.

  4. Brian, the minster helps are good and can be useful. However the big plus of this edition is that it is single column, black lettering, wide margin. It does not a reference bible in some ways good, and not good. I tend to like it without the reference because it tends to be a distraction. So the text looks very clean, and it is a good size.

    If you are interested and don’t want to shell out the big bucks for this one, I would highly recommend the current non-limited edition. The leather is not supple, however it is a nice matte leather with a nice grain to it. And like I said before it is also sewn stitched. If you work the leather a bit you will quickly loose any stiffness it may have.

  5. Joe says:

    I’d like a single column, black lettered, wide margin version, but to go and pay $52 for a ministers bible on Amazon (I would never pay the $150) seems like a waste with what we know is coming. I’d like to get some hcsb for some other folks I know, but again, I will feel the need to give them a 2nd one at the end of the year 😉

  6. Nathan Stitt says:

    Is the second edition really going to be worth waiting for? I like the HCSB well enough as it is, and the second edition doesn’t look like it will be much of a change. Perhaps I’m wrong though.

  7. Nathan, I don’t think that it is a major change, just some minor revisions. The anticipation has been that it would only make it better. But there are those that don’t care for this translation.

    You can see from the example of Ephesians that they are only minor revisions.

  8. TC, that makes more sense. I understand that it will never be your main text. I think that it may not be my main text either, but I will still use it as it is worth comparing with other recent translations.

    I was reading the post on the HCSB over at “He is Sufficient” and a Lady name Iris made this statement regarding the HCSB “One of the problems I see in translations is this “limiting” of the meaning of a word from Greek to English…While the translation is not technically “wrong,” it limits the understanding instead of enhancing it.” I think that sums up how what I think as well.

  9. jadambyrd says:

    I wonder how the leather will compare to an RL Allan or Cambridge leather? I had been thinking of having my Minister’s Bible rebound in a good leather, but I suppose I’ll just wait and see if I can find one of the Limited Ed’s or the new higher end.

    • Adam, I am not sure they are selling them anymore. It seems that a select few are receiving them as gifts for supporting the HCSB. I have given lots of support to the HCSB at my blogs, but I did not receive the offer, darn! Check out Rick’s blog, he has more information on this bible. It’s the note right about yours.

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