Goals for 2009

I have been giving this some thought and finally decided to post them. I need a record of it anyhow so that I can refer back to it.

Personal Goals

  • Continue to spend lots of quality time with my family
    • Take my son horse back riding at least 4 times this year
    • Try to figure out some projects we can do together
  • Stay focus on what I am reading
    • I want to complete:
      • Gordon Fee “God’s Empowering Presences”
      • Thomas F. Torrance “The Incarnation”
      • Allan Coppedge “The God who is Triune”
      • Ben Witherington “The problem with Evangelical Theology”
      • N.T. Wright “Paul” (which is very small but just having a hard time getting into it)
    • Once I complete these I can move on to other books.  I do have another reading track for ministry goals.
  • Read the entire Bible this year
  • Lose 20lbs (I currently weigh 170lbs) by:
    • Exercising daily
    • Eating better
  • Try not to miss church on Sundays
    • I suffer from really bad allergies that give me migraine type headaches where I can’t move at all, however when I don’t have migraine headaches I have really bad headaches, that’s when I don’t want to miss.  This Sunday I had one and I went to church anyhow.
  • Post a blog at least once a week.
    • Blogging for me consist of reading and writing, and I do read a lot of them on a daily basis
  • Settle on a primary bible translation – looking like the TNIV

Business Goals

  • Learn a new technology every 3 months
    • They would be:
      • Websphere, DB2, FileNet Process Analyzer, & FileNet P8 4.5
  • Work hard
  • Stay organized
  • Stay focus – that means limiting my time blogging while I am working

Ministry Goals

  • Impart my life into the life of some of the young men in our church.  Many of them are looking for mentorship, and guidance I hope to make myself available to them.
  • Put together a course on Salvation from an Arminius perspective.  If any of you already have one and don’t mind sharing it I will take it.  This course material will be used for our Bible Institute.  I need to develop a student guide, and lecture notes.
    • I will be reading/working with the following books:
      • Systematic Theology, Thomas Oden
      • Why I am not a Calvinist, Jerry L. Walls & Joseph R. Dongell
      • Arminian Theology – myths and realities, Roger Olson
      • The Faith Once for All, Jack Cottrell
      • The Cross & Salvation, Bruce Demarest (Research only)
      • Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem (Research only)
      • A Theology for the Church, Daniel L. Akin (Research only)
      • The Mosaic of Christian Belief, Roger Olson (Research only)
    • Dead line February 10th
  • Write some bible studies lessons for our church
  • Fill out my ordination papers!  I keep putting that off.

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