HCSB 2nd Edition update

I have been in contact with Jim Baird from B&H Publishing, and the new Limited Edition Ministers Bible is not the HCSB 2nd Edition, however there is an HCSB Study Bible scheduled to be released in September 2009 and will be the HCSB 2nd edition.  I hope that they make all of the same offerings as ESV & NLT has done (i.e. an online version).


10 thoughts on “HCSB 2nd Edition update

  1. Joe says:

    Electronic will have to do for now then I guess. I hope they are working on their online version too, otherwise they are seriously in the shadow of ESV and NLT.

  2. I seriously thought about it, but man, at $150… I mean, I’m even out of a job at the moment! What kind of a steward would I be if I saved my pennies not buy food and pay bills, but to buy yet another Bible? 🙂

  3. I cant wait for the HCSB 2nd Edition Bible!! I am also hoping someone puts it on CD or DVD because the world need at least one Yahwistic Audio Bible!! Currently there are none or at least none I can find! Praise Yahweh!!

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