Have questions regarding the HCSB 2nd Edition?

Will over at Anwoth blog will be conducting an interview with Dr. Blum (editor HCSB) again, and wants to know if there are any questions you would like to ask.  If if you do have questions hop on over to his blog and let him know.


9 thoughts on “Have questions regarding the HCSB 2nd Edition?

  1. This is a lot of fun. I love collecting bibles, especially fine ones. But I doubt that I would invest in another high quality HCSB again. But I would invest in a HCSB Study Bible, especially if it has a matching on-line version of it. Otherwise I will hard press to purchase one, maybe I can get a review copy.

  2. Nathan Stitt says:

    Not interested in that actually. I’d say only 10-20% of the books he receives I would even be interested in reading. So far I’ve only not received a requested book one time. Also I’ve had three sent to me without my asking. It’s pretty interesting how the whole dynamic works.

  3. Nick, well at least you make the time. I need to write up another from a book I got from Thomas Nelson Publishers. My problem is that I am interested in a lot of the books your review.

  4. Nathan Stitt says:

    Yeah, I’ve got three books to review not counting my NET Bible, which is voluntary:

    Life Application Bible Study: Acts

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