The Art in Photographing Preachers

One of the things I love to do besides reading is photography.  I did it as a living for around 3 years, not much of living but I had a lot fun in the process.  I still do photography on the side and if you are interested you can check out my Photo blog

I thought I would share with you guys some photos I have taken over the years.  Some are well know preachers, others may not be.  As a photographer people are always interested in speaking with you, as a result you end up making new friends.  Through my photography I have had the opportunity to become good friends with John Glass (also a photographer), and I also was able to spend time with Dr. John Holland before passing away.  I was blessed to know that they requested some of my photos as I was the last professional photographer to take his picture.  They did use one of my photos for his funeral services.  Anyhow, this is a bit different so I hope you all enjoy.

So here we go…

Not of this World Clothing — Aurelio F. Barreto III

Christian Hosoi — American professional skateboarder

Dr. John Holland – President Foursquare Church

John Glass– General Superintendent of the Elim Pentecostal Church

Jack Hayford

Erwin McManus


7 thoughts on “The Art in Photographing Preachers

  1. Nathan Stitt says:

    Nice. I still haven’t made the plunge to a DSLR. I have a 35mm SLR which has not seen use since the day we bought our little digital Canon. We have a few lenses for the SLR, so just need the digital body, and have yet to take the plunge. We still need an HDTV upgrade as well, or at the very least, to get the digital converter box hehe. Pushing the envelope on the last one there.

  2. Nathan, digital photography can get really expensive so you need to figure out what your objectives are. I have very high end equipment, but that is not what everyone needs. I can help you out if you are interested just drop me an email.

    Jeff, not even Jack Hayford? He is the most recognizable of all of them. The rest are may only be known to Pentecostals/Charismatics. Christian Hosoi is one of the main persons for Skateboarding being what it is. He would have been bigger than Tony Hawk, but he ended being addicted to drugs. Check out his video it is very good and gritty, but in then end he gives a powerful testimony how Christ changed his life.

    I would also like to see some of yours and Ben’s photos.

  3. Nathan Stitt says:

    Thanks for the offer. I know pretty much exactly what I want. It’s mostly just a matter of investing the money or not. I’d like to get a Rebel XS or XSi, and a battery grip. Already have some lenses, just want a decent body that is affordable. My dad has a mid-end Nikon DSLR that I can borrow whenever, so we’ve used it a few times. Just hard to commit that kind of money for simple family photos.

    Today I discovered the Canon S5 IS and the SX10 IS. They seem like a nice sub-DSLR camera with good video capability. I do take some movie footage for uploading to YouTube, and that may be a deciding factor in me not upgrading to a DSLR. Still considering the options really.

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