Interview: HCSB Second Edition

Will finally has posted his interview with Dr. Blum, the General Editor for the HCSB.  It is very short, and to the point.  He also provided some insight from Robin Patterson, Bible and Reference Marketing Manager for B&H Publishing.  So go over and check it out.

The HCSB Second Edition Interview


7 thoughts on “Interview: HCSB Second Edition

  1. Terry T says:


    I found the interview very good. I especially liked the information from the folks at BH marketing. It is good to see that they seem to be taking some advice from those of us out here.

    BH has already launched a site for the apologetics study bible at . The only improvement that I think they can add is a blog, otherwise they are showing excerpts from the ASB, links to apologetic sites and a searchable database for apologetic questions.

    I own an ASB and find it very useful. Apart from a couple of formatting issues it is a very good edition.


  2. Terry, I thought the interview itself was very short and a few questions could have been answered a tab better. The marketing information was very good, and I am looking forward to the Study Bible.

    This year I am reading the TNIV, and I am really impressed. I was struggling to switch over, as I do every time I try to read a different translation as my main bible. But I have to say that after a little over a month I finally got comfortable with the TNIV. I know that no translation is ever perfect or complete, but I am slowing finding myself preferring the TNIV over the HCSB. I like them both very much and will always use them, but I need to settle on a primary translation.

    Oh and by the way I have also been reading the New Living Translation and that is just awesome to read.

  3. TC, it looks like I am switching over to the TNIV, from the CSB as my primary bible. I agree it is a nice addition but The more I read it the more I prefer it, especially as I continue to do my comparisons.

    I have to say that although I like the CSB and will continue to reference it, it will no longer be my primary bible. The one that has caught me off guard that I really like is the NLT.

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