The challenges of staying current

I have noticed recently various bloggers that have slowed down (including myself).  I am sure that each for different good reasons.  Personally I have slowed down just because I have been so busy with life and work.  With the economy the way it is I really needed to hunker down and make sure that I am working at my peak.

Also, I have had a lot of things on my mind and have been reflecting on various aspects of my life.  I do plan to keep posting and hope to have some interesting posts soon, well at least interesting to me 🙂

I also cut back on the number of blogs that I follow through Google Reader.  I brought it down to 40 blogs — man that is a lot of blogs to follow.  I’ll be honest I am really behind, I have 324 unread blogs.  So if I pop up and comment on your blog and I am like two weeks or more behind and you have moved on, just ignore me 😉


11 thoughts on “The challenges of staying current

  1. suzi says:

    i’ve just been reading through your blogs (as well as those from other contributers on this site) – you got yourself a full plate, huh? spice always spoke highly of you and your ability to administer & moderate things, so despite the challenges on your time and attention (or because of them?) – you do a bang-up job. press on, brother.

  2. Hello Suzi, yeah it’s just been really busy lately. Plus I start teaching again at church for the next 3 months so that always adds to my plate. Well I have also been thinking and praying a great deal about what happen to Spice. Rarely do I ask God why about things, but this time I did — It just made no sense 😦

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