The Story – Book Review

Book & Bible Cover Size: Medium
Page Count: 464
Paper Edge Description: Plain
Type Point Size: 11
Size: 5.9 wide x 8.8 high x 1.5 deep in. | 150 wide x 223 high x deep 38 mm
Weight: 1.445 lb | 654 gms
Available: February 2005
World excluding the United Kingdom and Europe
Strategic Alliance: Livingstone
Publisher: Zondervan

I came across this book while browsing at Borders book store.  I was intrigued by it because of it’s unique layout of the bible.  The whole purpose of this bible is to get you to “read the bible as one incredible story from beginning to end”  The text being used is the Today’s New International Bible (TNIV).  What they have done is place the books of the bible in chronological order, and have also trimmed it down.  Now by chronological order I don’t just mean that they placed the books in order, no they actually insert different sections of different books in the order that they belong.  For example you are done reading the story of Noah and the flood, suddenly you find yourself reading about Job, that’s just one example.  image You won’t find the traditional names of the books of the bible in the table of contents either, they have all been renamed and re-chaptered.  The other thing missing in this bible is all of the chapter and verses, and not all of the books of the bible are included, nor are any of the books complete.

The texts were chosen to retain the overall flow of the narrative, so that when you read this story, you will get a sense of the “big picture” of the Bible.

Why read this you ask?  Because it is a great why to read the bible to better understand it as a complete story.  They have worked really hard and making it feel like a novel.  I think it is very useful for those of us who really struggle reading through the Old Testament, and for those of you that don’t I would still recommend you get one and read through it.

They have inserted transitional paragraphs that summarize sections that have been removed to help keep the story in sync.


They have also retained some of the footnotes from the TNIV, but they have also added other footnotes to add help clarify the meaning of certain words of phrases.  For Example: Consecrate: To dedicate a person or thing to God’s service

Our goal was to make the Bible read smoothly and easily, so that you can read it just like you’d read a novel.

What I like about it?  I really like the fact that there are no number verses to found, and the traditional chapters and headers have all been removed.  When you start to read it, it really does feel like I am reading a really great book with great stories, but in fact I am reading God’s word.  It has been very rewarding, and at times I can’t even put it down.  I cannot stress how much more reading I do with out all of the typical bible distractions (i.e. chapters, verses, references, footnotes, study notes, etc) that we have.  Sometimes I do wonder what chapter I am on, or verse, but then I just keep reading and not worry about it.  It comes in a hard back and I would not mind seeing it published on a better binding as it appears to be glued.

For those you (us) that do wonder what sections of the bible you are reading they have provided a Chart of References that tells you what chapters of the bible you are reading.  It also includes at the back of the book Discussion Questions, Characters (describes various people of the bible), & the Chart of References.


6 thoughts on “The Story – Book Review

  1. This seems to be the new trend these day, i.e., the Voice, too. I don’t know if it’s a marketing gimmick but if it attracts more readers who don’t read or want to read the bible in a different way, I’m all for it.

  2. Kevin,

    Well it sure got my attention. I agree if it gets us reading God’s word, I think it serves it’s purpose. They have a complete version of the TNIV with no chapters, or verses, I think I am going to get one as I have found this to be much easier to read.

    You can read more about this at: The Books of the Bible

  3. Robert and Kevin, the practice of the chronological Bible, if you will, has been around for a while.

    But of course it’s quite debatable where each book or section really fits.

  4. Robert, I got The Story and I’ve enjoyed it. Different cover though. It was a bit odd at first. I think it seemed too casual (even knowing it was TNIV), but I’ve grown to like it and do usually read more in a sitting.

  5. TC, why we know that. However, this is a bit different than your traditional chronological bibles. They didn’t just place the “Book of Job”, or “Romans” where it belong chronologically, they actually dissected sections of Job, and a few from Romans, and other books and placed them in their chronological location. They mix various books together in one chapter so that it reads as one story. Makes sense? I can post some examples if that helps.

    Bitsy, I think you have the more recent version which if I understand correctly they reconstructed the chapters, and maybe trim it down just a tad more.

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