John Piper who?

I am currently teaching on Salvation at my church and I am presenting both points of views, obviously I hold to a Classical Arminian position but I was just trying to point out popular teachers who hold to the Calvinist position.  Yesterday in my class I asked the students (around 3o in attendances) if they had heard of John MacAruthur, about half lifted up their hands (we are in California), then I asked if they had heard of John Piper, only one person lifted up their hand.  I thought it was pretty funny that none had heard of John Piper!  Go figure.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise???


19 thoughts on “John Piper who?

  1. I hadn’t heard of him ’til I got into blogs. But I had heard of MacArthur. I think people overestimate how popular he is because of the internet. Same with Driscoll.

    Bryan L

  2. Bryan, I guess that must be it. I read a lot so I knew about him before I started blogging. No one in my church knows who Driscoll is, not even my pastor.

    Well one thing is for sure, since blogging I have been introduce to some really great writers like Fee, Olson, and many, many others.

  3. I heard of John Piper before I started blogging (from reading CBD catalogues) but I always thought he was just another ‘pop’ Christian author like Rick Warren or someone like that. I had no idea that he was considered a ‘pastor-scholar.’ The majority of people I know haven’t ever heard of him though.

  4. Nathan Stitt says:

    I’ve heard of him but don’t know much about him. Just enough to know that I would treat anything attributed to him with skepticism. I don’t really keep up with the whole calvinism/arminism debates though.

  5. Randy Talbot says:

    Woody said,
    “John Piper is a rabble rouser and is in bed with all those ESV loonies”
    You can included me in with the “ESV loonies” because I also have a very high view on God’s Word, the Bible. I may not be using the ESV Bible, but I praise God that there are people who are(people who are at least reading God’s Words). In fact, USA Today has reported that the ESV Study Bible has won “Christian Book of the Year” award. I praise God the people are reading God’s Word.
    I am a Christian, and if the ESV Study Bible has won the “Christian Book of the Year” award you can call me a “loony” too.
    Randy Talbot

  6. I knew of Big Mac through radio mostly – he’s on a lot of different stations – heard of Piper, mainly through his book Desiring God though I hadn’t read it – but learned more when in seminary and the church we attended the pastor liked his stuff (and MacArthur’s too) so some of their books are sold in the church bookstore. Frankly, while they each some okay things to say, for me, they are just too over the top on a lof things, and Big Mac is too fundie for my taste.

  7. Didn’t John Piper translate a stack of golden plates into the most “correct of any book ever written” on Romans 9?

    Hmmmmm. Maybe I am mixed up on all the details, but I am quite certain his book on Romans is the most correct of any book ever written 😉

  8. I’ve heard them referred to as First, Second, and Third John: John Calvin, John MacArthur, and John Piper.

    At least Piper isn’t 100% cessationist like MacArthur. I’m classical Pentecostal (A/G), but find if I filter out the TULIPs, Driscoll and Piper have some good insights.

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