Desktop Picture Meme

Nick, just posted his desk photo based on a challenge (mem) that he got from Mark Stevens, so I figured I would post my desk as well.  Since I have been almost dead silent now for a good while.  Click on photo to view original size.


If you notice on my monitor it is a picture of Nick’s desk.  Ok, now it’s your turn show us your desk.


14 thoughts on “Desktop Picture Meme

  1. Mark, I worked in the Animation industry for over 6 years. The big coffee cup was from Fantasia it has the Sorcerers hat that Mickey wore got that while working at Walt Disney Feature Animation. The blue cup in the backgroup I got while working for DreamWorks.

    Well Batman I just happen to be a big fan of the comics, and the recent movies. Wish I had an opportunity to have worked on the Animation series but no luck.

  2. Robert: It’s not that I study more; I just have less space to store my books! Well, that and the fact that I hate cleaning the thing! BTW, I especially like all the places for books on your desk and the lamp is nice as well.

  3. Nick, I am confident that you study more than I do, or at least read. Yeah, I try to keep the books that I reference a great deal, really love, and are currently reading. Oh the photo does not show, but the section on the right that is open, on the back side it has more shelves for books.

    Just recently my wife bought me a small bookcase for our bedroom. She got tired of seeing a stack of books on my night stand, I kept those there because I read a lot at night. So now I keep most of my current books in that bookshelf.

  4. Nice!!! But, I think it looks totally staged for picture taking. NO DESK IS THAT PERFECT! And the wife (I assume) picture is classic sucking up… 🙂

    I’m just teasing. Nice photo.

  5. Peter – hahahaha you made me laugh out loud.

    I wish it was staged, but yes I do keep my desk that clean. I work from home as well so I try to create an environment that would mimic being at the office, thus the photo of my wife. Which I am proud to say I took myself 😉

    On occasion my desk will get cluttered but it drives me nuts, and I’ll clean it up.

  6. Very homey desk! Homey as in comfortable. I love those guys sitting on the top.

    A cluttered desk drives me nuts too. It does happen, but it can’t last or I can’t get any work done.

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