Amazon on-line reader

I just purchased the book Theology for the Community of God by
Stanley J. Grenz from Amazon and after I finished processing it, I was asked if I wanted to buy the on-line version of it?  The cost was an additional $7.60 – So I thought what the heck let me check it out.  I don’t think that all books are currently available.

I do love having access to books digital copies of books (i.e. PDF’s, eReader, Kindel which I don’t own, etc). So this may be a very nice option especially if I purchase a mini-notebook.

Some of the features are:

  1. Same interface as the Amazon reader (i.e. Look Inside) but with features enabled.
  3. Highlight in various colors
  4. Add notes
    1. Can be made public
  5. Copy and Paste
    1. Although it’s not working for me right now – could be doing something wrong???  I am pressing the copy button

6 thoughts on “Amazon on-line reader

  1. Hmm… that’s weird. I bought the digital copy of Larry Hurtado’s Lord Jesus Christ but returned it because I couldn’t copy and paste or annotate it (those features aren’t available with every book).

    • Nick, I switched the IE engine in FireFox (still in Firefox browser) and it worked. Which is still a tiny hassle because I have to logon again to Amazon. Everything else that I listed appears to be working.

  2. I recently had something school related that wouldn’t work in FF, but worked in IE. Could be because the developer only tried it out on IE?

    Sounds interesting – the Amazon Reader.

  3. Grenz is also a great systematic theology – though it’s good to not he does not agree with Pentecostal theology about the Holy Spirit and is amillennial in his eschatology (not but but good to be aware of).

  4. Brian, it is difficult to find one volume that agrees on all points. There is the one from LIFE bible college but it is very dated, and could be better written. There are a few Systematic Theology books by AoG, but I don’t mind if they disagree, so longs as they have a good attitude. Grudem’s attitude and recent response was enough for me to get another book. Grenz’s stance on Salvation is more agreeable, as I seem to remember he does not hold to a reform position and that subject is more difficult.

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