More New Books

I have purchased more books but since I was out on hiatus or my blogging sabbatical I have not had a chance to post them. I have added two more of Gordon Fee’s book to my collection, and a third one as well in which he served as Contributing Editor. I have two more books I am waiting for in the mail. Hopefully they will get here tomorrow.

Discovering Biblical Equality:

by Ronald W. Pierce, Rebecca Merrill Groothuis, and Gordon D. Fee

Excellent book on the subject, if you have an opinion on the matter this is a must read.

Listening to the Spirit in the Text By Gordon Fee

1 and 2 Timothy, Titus (New International Biblical Commentary By Gordon D. Fee

Theology for the Community of God By Stanley J. Grenz


20 thoughts on “More New Books

  1. I always find it interesting reading all those little footnoted disagreements going on in Grudem’s books. The row between Grudem and Gilbert Bilezikian held my attention for a while.

    • Rachel, I know. I was using Grudem’s book because it was a one volume Systematic Theology book that I had to use for some theology courses I had taken. I don’t have to agree with everything in those types of books, and it is very difficult to find one that you will agree with 100%, but that it’s ok. (BTW: I do read books that I don’t agree with)

      What bugs me about Grudem is his statements that he makes and his strong position on secondary issues. Especially his position on women in ministry. Stanley J. Grenz, on the other hand has been a good advocate for women in ministry. Although I am sure there is something in his one volume theology that I will not agree with (maybe on the Holy Spirit), I am also sure he will deal with it in an irenic manner.

      I have several women that attend my courses, I currently have 7 women out of 20 students enrolled. That is almost half, and I want them to know that God does want to use them as well, and that these studies are not just for their personal application.

      • That’s all good to hear, Robert.
        I too read books I do not agree with, in fact I have probably read more of this kind than any other which is why a good dose of Fee always feels like a very healing medicine! πŸ˜‰

        Is there any information out there about your course. I start theo college soon but I like to look at what else is going on out there and esp. lecturer’s reading lists for certain topics.

        God bless

      • Rachel, our theology courses are based off the Michael Patton’s Theology Program. We do make some minor modification, and add a bit more to it. For example, the salvation topic was heavy on Calvinism, and a bit weak on Arminianism so I had to balance that out.

        The rest of the courses we pretty much write up ourselves. We are not a bible college, but rather a bible institute with the primary purpose of making theology easily accessible by our church and community. Web site is

  2. Robert:
    Are you looking for a ST book that is more descriptive or prescriptive? I didn’t know if you were wanting to teach them what they should believe or what various people believe (and then maybe what you’re belief is).

    Bryan L

    • Bryan, I do want a ST book that is more in favor of an Arminian position. I think I have settled on Grenz’s book. So far I have enjoyed his tone, and presentation. Technical enough, but not overly done. Plus I like the way he is weaving this whole idea of community. I think that may become our standard text for introductory Theology courses.

      I have a few Pentecostal/Charismatic books I can recommend like “Foundations of Pentecostal Theology”, but it is a bit dated and there is more current books that I can recommend on the Holy Spirit when I come around to teaching that subject. For now I think that Grenz’s book is good overall one that I can use, instead of Grudem’s.

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