Friday’s with Fee

What is the goal or purpose in our preaching and teaching?  Fee is suggesting that it should help fashion God’s people into genuine Spirituality.

Listening to the Spirit in the Text by Gordon Fee

If those who teach and preach God’s Word, which preaching must be based on solid exegesis of the text, do not themselves yearn for God, live constantly in God’s presence, hunger and thirst after God – then how can they possibly bring off the ultimate goal of exegesis, to help to fashion God’s people into genuine Spirituality? p.7

Spirituality as defined by Gordon Fee:

One is spiritual to the degree that one lives in and walks by the Spirit; in Scripture the word has no other meaning, and no other measurement. p.5


5 thoughts on “Friday’s with Fee

  1. You know a while back I was gonna start “Friday with Fee” but audio clips instead and then you beat me to it and I kicked myself for not doing it sooner. However I like yours and I’m glad to see it’s back : )

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