Preaching through the book of Philippians

I was just asked by my Senior Pastor to start working on a series of sermons on any NT book that I am interested in.  So I have chosen to preach/teach out of Philippians.  Now I have justification (as if I needed it) to purchase Gordon Fee’s Philippians commentary.


15 thoughts on “Preaching through the book of Philippians

  1. I preached through Philippians a few years ago and I thought Fee’s volume was one of the better ones (I consulted Fee, Hawthorne (WBC), Silva (BECNT), O’Brien (NIGTC), and Melick (NAC).

  2. Robert, can’t believe I missed this post but I’ve been going through Philippians and it pretty challenging (personally and corporately)! All I have is Fee I don’t have anything else at the moment though I might like to have Theilman in the NIVAC. Personally if I use commentaries I like to have at least one techincal commentary and one application based commentary – and the NIVAC does good work in that area.

  3. Greetings, Robert. I saw your comment over on Mike Aubrey’s blog that you were preaching through Philippians. Me too! Just getting started with one sermon out of sequence (Phil 4:6-9) I was inspired by a series Dr David Jeremiah preached on his TV program “Turning Point (the “Joy of” series).” I’ve found some of these are available on the internet for viewing. Also, Lee Irons has made all his Philippians sermons available on his blog The Upper Register. If you are interested in sharing sermons, I’d be glad to send copies of mine ( Finally, I agree with most everyone else. Fee has definitely been the most helpful commentary for my study. I like Ben Witherington also. Checked these out of the library for my sermon preparation, but then decided to purchase from Amazon so they’d be readily available as I construct this series.

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