Top 3 Bible Movies Meme

I was tagged by Jason in his meme to name my Top 3 Bible Movies.

My top three would be:

  1. Prince of Egypt
    1. Since I did work for DreamWorks Animation it must be number one.  No screen credit – darn but I do have a very cool jacket that says Prince of Egypt logo on the front.
  2. The Miracle Maker
    1. Yet another animation, this one is stop motion.  But I think it is one of the best movies made about Jesus.  But the again I am a big time animation fan.
  3. The Ten Commandments
    1. How could this not make my top three list.

7 thoughts on “Top 3 Bible Movies Meme

    • Pixar was not owned by Disney when I worked for them. Although I did get a chance to meet Steve Jobs. It was odd because I did not know who he was, but thank God I was very polite and kind to him. He was lost at our facility and I escorted him exactly where he needed to go. It was not until I came back to my office that everyone wanted to know what we talked about. I was like “not much, who was he?”.

      Watch the Miracle Maker on line, I think it was produced by Mel Gibson’s company, he owes Icon production right? I think it is a very well done film, combination of stop motion and animation. Your kids will love it as well.

    • Jason stop motion as defined by WiKipedia: “Stop motion (also known as stop-action or frame-by-frame) is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own.”

      Gumby, the original King Kong, “Nightmare before Christmas” (i know a few of the animators) these are all stop motion, oh and my favorite “Wallace and Gromit”.

  1. Miracle Maker is so good, I forget it’s animation. The intensity and emotion in that movie is phenomenal. The scene where Levi is at his tax collector station is one example. You can see misery on his face. Then Jesus comes and calls him. Levi never hesitates, but swipes the money out of his way and gets up, never to come back. Really good stuff.

    • Rick, Miracle Maker really is my number one bible movie, but I had to represent my old company DreamWorks and name Prince of Egypt as #1. They might be reading and offer me another job some day – LOL

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