Tablets, where art thou?

I like the idea of the iPhone, and Palm Pre, and the Google phone.  But for me they are just to small of a device for the kind of things I want to do with it.  For one I need a much bigger screen.  Here are a list of things I want to be able to do with it.

  1. Size would have to be between 7″ – 10″ min.
  2. Write!  Not just simple notes, but pages worth of data.
  3. Read Books!!!
  4. Handy enough to carry around to meetings, church, etc
  5. Surf the Internet with a real browser
    1. Full internet browser capability
    2. Able to access Google Docs
    3. view java and flash applications
  6. Read PDF’s
  7. Calendar system
  8. Copy / Paste
  9. Touch capable
  10. A stylus pen
  11. Most tools that one comes to expect from the iPhone or Palm Pre

Those are just a few of my requests, which some if not most can be done on the Palm Pre or iPhone, but at last they are just too small.  I had heard of rumors about a Mac Tablet, which I would buy in a heartbeat if they made one.  But then today I stumbled on this gem from Microsoft.  I hope that it is true and that it is available soon, as I would most certainly buy one.

Check it out:

Courier: First Details of Microsoft’s Secret Tablet


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