10 Random Beliefs Meme

I was tagged by Jason, so here we go…

  1. I believe that Nick Norelli will be the greatest Trinitarian Theologian to ever live
  2. I believe the Seinfeld reunion will lead to a new season
  3. I believe in Santa Claus
  4. I believe the L.A. Lakers will win the championship again, and again
  5. I believe SNL will go on forever
  6. I believe I am wasting my time doing this
  7. I believe I am going to enroll at King’s Evangelical Divinity School
  8. I believe I will follow the NY Jets because of Mark Sanchez
  9. I believe I will meet Gordon Fee one day
  10. I believe I have run out of ideas

I believe I tag Esteban, Kevin Sam, and Will


4 thoughts on “10 Random Beliefs Meme

  1. #1 – But of course!
    #2 – Reunion?!? Have I missed something?
    #3 – Awww, how cute!
    #4 – No!!! I’ve had enough of Kobe to last me a lifetime!
    #8 – They meet the Saints this week–Go Saints!

    • Jason, on HBO “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Larry David is the star, creator, and writer of the show, as he was also the co-creator of Seinfeld. This season he has convinced all of the 4 original team to get back together on his show. Not sure if you are familiar with “Curb Your Enthusiasm” just in case you are not I’ll explain a bit.

      It’s a fake reality show, that follows Larry David around who plays himself sort of. He has a fictitious wife, and friends, some real friends like Richard Lewis, & Ted Dawson. So the plot is that Larry David as the original co-creator wants to get the Seinfeld team back together. This coming Sunday will be the first episode where Larry is talking to them about doing a reunion show. Now if you haven’t watch the show, they do use strong language.

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