New HCSB Web Site

Check out the new HCSB website, it’s about time.

UPDATE: it seems that they are still making changes, and when this occurs it goes back to the old site.  I don’t know how long they plan on operating in this way but it’s a bit annoying.


8 thoughts on “New HCSB Web Site

  1. Darrell Deer says:

    I’m glad it’s finally up, but I’m a little shocked you can’t even access the text from the site (maybe I missed it). Thanks for the update.

  2. Darrell, I think it is a work in progress but at least they finally have something up. Hopefully they will add more, and a blog as well. I tried watching the video last night and it just would not work, I’ll try again today.

  3. Yes, it’s definitely annoying. I can’t wait till the site’s up and running permanently, because it seems to look nice and have some great content. They’re making progress!

  4. Wandering Friar says:

    I check the website daily and today there are some new info stories. The webpage works ok for me. I keep checking the new products catalog anxiously anticipting the arrival of the HCSB 2e (in whatever format – doesn’t matter)but nothing there as of yet.

    Nice looking WP though.


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