Friday’s with Fee

This is just one of many reason why I like Fee, he is always straight to the point.  “Tongues is a very biblical expression of Spirituality”.

Mention “salvation by grace alone” and immediately most people think, “the Apostle Paul”; but mention “speaking in tongues” and most people think, “Pentecostals” or “charismatics.”

And this, despite the fact that Paul claims to have spoken in tongues more than even the Corinthians themselves.  This little exercise merely illustrates how much most of us read the New Testament through filters of our own experience of the church.  Moreover, this instinctive way of hearing the word “glossolalia” is probably unfair both to Paul and to those who currently experience this (very biblical) expression of Spirituality.

Gordon Fee “Listening to the Spirit in the Text” p105


9 thoughts on “Friday’s with Fee

      • But what does that make Paul? Well Paul was the trailblazer so he didn’t have to worry about the sort of things that we do, he was more concerned about getting out of jail or living long enough to further the gospel, connect with some friends, and maybe even finish reading some of the books.

    • I might have spelled that wrong, it’s an anachronism (putting something back one someone in the past) to say Paul was Reformed. That was a historical situation of the mid-to late 1500’s and on.

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