Friday’s with Fee

Speaking of Paul the Apostle Gordon Fee writes:

To advance the gospel has been his lifelong passion; he has thus ordered his life so that nothing will hinder, and everything advance, the message of Christ…Evangelism was his “meat and potatoes” (or “rice,” in the case of Asian Christians), since he believed not only that the gospel is God’s “message of truth” (Gal 2:5, 14), but that it thereby contains the only good news for a fallen, broken world. – Gordon Fee “NICNT Paul’s Letter to the Philippians” p111

I wonder how foreign Paul’s lifestyle would be to us, and if we can even comprehend the level in which he operated at?


2 thoughts on “Friday’s with Fee

  1. Robert, seriously speaking – I think Western Christianity on a whole is too domesticated.

    We’re too quick to label those who are different than us. It’s a shame. Paul would be another outcast to us. My take.

    • TC, that is along the lines of what I was thinking. The clear single mind of Paul that is depicted in Philippians would seem very strange to us on the West. Giving up everything the way he did is something that is very remarkable. I know that all too easy we shrug this off as “well he was an apostle…”. But I think there is something there that we can learn from. I am not advocating selling everything either and abandoning our responsibilities either 😉

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