I enrolled in KEDS

I was accepted into the BTh program at King’s Evangelical Divinity School (KEDS).  I also enrolled in my first class, and have already order some text books, and purchased my first one at the local Christian book store.

The class that I am enrolled in is “Introduction to the Bible”.  The book I purchased at the local book store was Biblical Interpretation “Past & Present” by Gerald Bray.  The others I ordered from Amazon.com.  I am very impressed so far, the on line lectures that they provide so far have been really good.  I have heard two lectures so far, and plan to listen to them again.  I am devoting about 2-3  hours per day on my studies, and hope to keep up with it. There is a lot of reading to do so that is great since I do love to read.  The only draw back right now is that I have been really sick with the flu and it has been difficult to read for any length of time.

I will have a choice between writing a 2000 word essay or a book review.  Since this is an introductory course they do give you an option.  If you have not been in school a long time they do encourage you to write a book review as it will get you in the practice of writing again, and should be a bit easier and less demanding.  Not sure what I plan to do at the moment, I am challenged about doing the essay, but maybe I should do the practice run and submit the book review?  The book review will be based on Biblical Inspiration by I. Howard Marshall, which is also required reading (core text).

I plan to document my progress as this will also serve others that might be considering a biblical education at KEDS.  This will also provide me a base to think out loud and interact with some of my friends.  They do provide an internal forum that I also plan to use and interact with other students.  I do hope to make some new friends along the way.


14 thoughts on “I enrolled in KEDS

    • Jeff, on-line learning is something that all schools will have to consider. There are advantages and disadvantages as well. But for me the advantages are far greater. This program is off to a good start as it is not shallow, and very challenging. They are very focused on your major, which to me was very important.

  1. Boy that was fast!

    I have loved most of my online classes – but each has been as different as any two f2f classes. I also think so much has to do with what the student puts into the class.

    Please keep us posted.

    • Bitsy, that was fast wasn’t it? But I had been really thinking about it for some time. I had looked up this school a while back and it was one that I had considered. Just need to get over this darn flu so I can focus.

  2. Robert,

    I just looked at the program and am considering the MA distance program (assuming they would accept my BS in Bible, which it seems like they proabably would). I would really like to do that, but my finances are not good right now, and I hate the thought of going into student loan debt again. Do you know an easy way to figure the difference between the pounds and dollars?

    God Bless and congrats!

    • Kevin, thanks for the encouragement. So far I am really enjoying the first course. It is as challenging as I had for. The lectures have been top notch, and the reading material is just as great. Now all I need to do is read, study, and properly comprehend what I am learning.

  3. Sam says:

    Hey bro –

    Sorry I missed this – congratulations! I really think you’re gonna enjoy this. Keep us up to date. Online/distance learning – you just joined the wave of the future… 🙂


    • Sam, this program is very cutting edge. The level of education that they are teaching is excellent. I have been very impressed with my first class. It has forced me to deal with some issues that I had been neglecting.

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