Rethinking the Openness of God

Calvin Smith did a recent post on the Openness of God.  Before I get into his posting I wanted to say that Calvin Smith is the Principal and teacher at my new school “King’s Evangelical Divinity School“, and is a active blogger.  If you haven’t added him to your Reader you should he is very thought provoking.

He just posted on the subject of the Openness of God, in which he has given further thoughts on his reading of “The Openness of God: A Biblical Challenge to the Traditional Understanding of God by Clark Pinnock, Richard Rice, John Sanders, William Hasker and David Basinger”.  His interaction was very irenic, and as any good book should do, it caused him to rethink his position.  In summary he says:

…the Openness of God is a useful book that emphasises God’s great love and forces us to re-examine our theology, particularly what it means to have a genuine relationship with God. Some very probing questions concerning free-will successfully challenge all theologically-minded readers, not just Calvinists…

Go and check it out even if this subject is not of interest to you.  You will find that he is an engaging writer, and hopefully you will find value in what he has to offer.


5 thoughts on “Rethinking the Openness of God

  1. If I have to operate by the typical Evangelical way of doing theology I’m gonna go with open theism over the other options. However, I have a feeling there might be better ways of doing theology where I might be in favor of abandoning open theism in favor of a better option. From a biblical theology perspective open theism may be the best option.

    Bryan L

  2. Sam says:

    Bryan –

    You just said some really important stuff. Biblical (rather than systematic) theology drives the open theism debate…and sometimes receives it’s “liberal” stigma from that foundational discipline. The philosophical aspects are laid on that foundation. I’m with you – Open Theism may not have everything nicely organized, but it seems that systematization has lead to over-reaching in some biblical texts anyway.


  3. Because of solid guys like Bryan and Sam, I really don’t see what the big flap over open theism is. The way Guys like Bryan and Sam have framed the picture, I have tended to think that’s waht a lot of us have always believed – maybe it’s the term “open” that gets some people’s shorts in a fit.

    How are the classes coming along Robert?

  4. Brian, yeah them two have helped him see it in a more positive way, and less threatening manner.

    Class is coming along very well just about done with my main reading assignment, going to read it one more time when I am done. The school is very good, and the level at which they teach is what I was hoping for.

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