Paranormal Activity – biggest dud

I just finishing watching this stupid movie, and wanted to warn all my friends not to waste their hard earn money.  It was slow, boring and not at all scary.  I thought I was going to fall asleep from being so bored.  Near then end (and mean the last 10 minutes) it finally got somewhat interesting, but by this time I was so bored I could not even take the movie serious at all.

This was Oren Peli first movie and I hope it’s his last one.  He says in an interview “I like atmosphere and slow plot build.”  Apparently so slow that he will bore you to death.

I give this movie a total thumbs down, no stars, it’s a waste of time.  And I am not at all happy and a bit upset that I even bothered watching this thing called a movie.  I really want to rant some more…


12 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity – biggest dud

  1. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I thought it looked completely lame when I saw the trailer. I’m sorry you wasted money on such nonsense. You should have seen Law Abiding Citizen instead. 😉

  2. It’s a fake documentary. It’s supposed to be boring.

    Unless you guys are leading much more exciting lives than your being bloggers indicates. Are you holding out on us, Nick and Robert?

  3. Chuck: Diary of the Dead was a fake documentary and it was good (in fact I just watched it a second time earlier this afternoon). Quaraintine was a fake documentary of sorts, and while it sucked, it wasn’t completely boring. The first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm was a fake documentary and it wasn’t boring, in fact it was hilarious! So I’m calling BS on your fake documentary excuse.

  4. Diana Rio says:

    Wow, obviously you don’t know a scary movie for your life. The point of the movie was to be not very scary in the begining and get more at the end, but i mean to me it was a great movie but obviously you wouldn’t know a great movie if it smacked the crap out of you.

    • Diana, the advertising for the movie claims “scariest movie of all time” It completely failed to scare me, or my wife in any way. Listen I’ll be fair and to my readers as well, so tell me why this is such a great movie? Everyone I ask fails to explain why it is, so rather than come here and make personal attacks on me, tell us why this is such a great movie?

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