Google Android phones

Anyone else interested in the new Google Android phones?  I have been a long time Verizon subscriber and have been waiting for a smart phone ever since the iPhone first came out.  I refused to leave Verizon since I have been a very satisfied customer.  I almost jumped ship with the announcement of the Palm Pre, but at last I was not convinced it was the phone for me.

Now that Verizon has struck a partnership with Google, they have released two new Google Android phones.  Not sure if you all have been following the news (I am a tech geek at heart, what can I say), but today was the official release for the the HTC Droid Eris $99.00, and the Motorola Droid $199.00.  Since I have been a long time customer of Verizon I automatically get a $100.00 credit to renew my contract off any phone, so essentially I can get the new Eris for free, except that I would have to pay the taxes.  Although the Droid is an overall better phone, and bigger I do personally like the smaller Eris.

Hopefully over the weekend I’ll decide which phone to get.  I am mostly undecided because I do like the actual specs on the Droid, but I really do love the UI Sense on the Eris and it’s compact size.  I demo both yesterday and to my surprise the Eris felt really good in my hand.  Oh well I see what happens.


4 thoughts on “Google Android phones

  1. They both look cool but I think I like the Eris a little bit better. They both kind of remind me of the phone I got a couple of months back except these are on steroids! I got mine for free with a contract renewal so I can certainly sympathize with your tending toward the Eris. Also, after having held an iPhone and my phone I much prefer the size and feel of my phone which is smaller, so again, I understand your preference for the Eris.

    • Nick, yeah pretty much that is it. The Eris has a 3.2 screen which you may think that would be an issue, but after holding it yesterday it really wasn’t for me. I actually liked it better than the Droid. I will mostly likely carry this in my pocket as I always have, never did like the belt holders and this fits perfectly in my pocket.

      I should have something sometime this week, I’ll do a post once I get it.

  2. Robert: My phone as a 3″ screen and it’s plenty big. then again, I don’t use it to go on the internet. The thing I didn’t like about the Droid was how it slides up. My daughter’s mom’s phone does that. Mine flips open and I’m not crazy about that either, although it does make texting a lot easier and it’s a little better than either of the QWERTY keyboards. But if the Eris has all of the same apps as the Droid then I can’t think of a single reason not to get it. I think it’s the cooler looking of the two phones, and it’ll be free for you, so go for it!

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