Verizon’s Google HTC Eris Droid Review

I got the phone this week, and may still be a bit too early to give a solid review, but I think have used it enough to at least state that I am totally pleased and blow away by this phone.

Here are some things that I love about this phone.

  1. HTC Sense UI – this is really amazing as it makes the user experience on this phone easy, fun, and extremely useful.  For a demo of HTC sense go here (it is the HTC Hero that they are showing, but everything it can do the Eris does)
    1. HTC Widgets – it comes with about 14 widgets everthing from Twitter, people contacts, mail, cool looking clocks, etc.  They are all very useful.
    2. Contacts are seamless as it will integrate your mail and facebook contacts in one location.  It will track all of your phone calls, emails,, facebook updates and text messages that you sent to a person in one location.   Just by sliding your finger across a set of icon you can chose what you want to see.  Again see the video to demo this.
    3. Scenes – Scenes are like setting up different views of your lifestyle.  Each scene is capable of holding up to 7 desktops or views. So far I have defined 3 of them, Home, Work & MyLife.  It is cool because you organized them based on how you live.
    4. Calendar integrates perfectly with Google Calendar.
  2. Android has come a long way and I think they are totally ready to compete against the iPhone.  The only people who don’t think so are Mac fanatics.  I promise you this, that if the iPhone doesn’t expand beyond it’s exclusive deal with AT&T it will not remain the #1 App Phone on the market.  The OS is solid, and works very well.  My phone is running Android 1.5.
    1. Yes Android currently has 12,000+ apps, and iPhone has 100,000+ apps, but who even needs 12,000+ apps?  Why anyone needs more than that is beyond me.  So far I have not found any problems finding an app for something that I want to do.
    2. Gmail works awesome on here, as well as all of the other preloaded apps.
  3. The Size.  It’s smaller than the iPhone with a 3.2 inch screen which fits perfectly in my pocket, but not too small where the screen is useless.  It is thin, and looks really nice.  It makes the iPhone look like it’s fat sister 😉 lol and we all know that “thin is in”.
  4. The soft touch finish on the actual phone looks and feels real good, it’s this sort of metallic matte finish.
  5. I do like the 4 touch sensitive buttons, and also the two phone buttons that it comes with.  I can live with out the track ball, but it does come in handy when typing if you need to make a correction, it allows you easy precision.
  6. Music player is also really good.  I had heard that it was lousy compared to the iPhone.  So here is my take on it.  I think the music player is really good.  The complaints were that you can’t just plug it in and transfer music via iTunes.  Whatever, I plug my phone via USB and I drag and drop my songs to the Eris, and that’s it.  It’s that easy, and it’s faster because I can just drag a whole directory filled with songs.  The transfer is super fast (sorry don’t have any tech numbers for you), but trust me it is really fast.

There is a lot more I can say so if you have questions feel free to ask.  The last thing is the cost.  You can get it for $99 (once you get your rebate).  Since I have been a long time Verizon customer I had a $100 credit towards any phone, so all I had to pay was taxes and whatever surcharges, plus I still got the $100 rebate so that covered all my costs.  My Verizon rep took care of all of this for me over the phone and had them FedEx to me (no charge).  Great service from Verizon!  Now he is our representative at my job, so maybe that is why he was able to do everything over the phone.

I also got my son the Droid the one that they have been advertising.  That phone is incredible.  I would have gone with that phone as well, but I was already sold on the HTC Sense and since this is not an HTC phone it’s not available.  I with they would have gone with the motoblur on this phone, then I might have went for it.  But he loves it!


3 thoughts on “Verizon’s Google HTC Eris Droid Review

  1. Nice! If ever I found the need to go online with my phone I’d like to get something like what you have. I can do that stuff now, but from my understanding the browser isn’t the best on this phone.

  2. Nick, I posted a comment the other day at TC’s blog from my Droid. For comments it’s good, but not for long postings it still does not replace keyboards. But overall I am reading most of my email from it now, and for purposes of social networking it does in my opinion replace the laptop.

    The browser on the Eris works great, no issues yet. As a mater of fact when it detects a mobile web site, it defaults to that. You do have a choice which you prefer per site, so that is very cool. Let me know if you are curios about anything else.

  3. The touchscreen feel was really better when compared to LG env touch and rogue. [If I have to compare with Iphone .. no difference in the quality]. I will definitely say .. this is the first verizon phone [in the ones I have used] that made me happy with the touch screen.

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