New Audio Teaching Page

Well I had thought about doing this sometime back but honestly I just felt that it would have been too pompous of me to do so.  And I honestly don’t think I am that great to listen too, so how my church endures I don’t know, but God bless them.

My friend Nick really encouraged me to go for it, so if you really don’t like them just blame Nick because he is the one that convinced me that they are worth listening too 😉

I added a Tab labeled Audio Teachings for easy access, so feel free to listen when you have some time.




5 thoughts on “New Audio Teaching Page

  1. I plan to listen to your sermons as soon as I have enough time to sit through the whole thing (probably Monday). What did you use to capture the audio? We’ve just learned to capture from our pulpit mic, but haven’t gone beyond that. I would like to rip some of my sermons just to have them (maybe to post, too), but I don’t really know how to get from the soundboard to the computer.

    • Jason I can have our IT guy contact you and let you know how we have it setup. I do know that we are using a mac that is connected to our sound board.

      All I do is give him flash drive and then I upload it to

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