Great Interview with Dr. William Kay

One of my teachers recently did an interview with Dr. William Kay from AoG/UK.  Check out the interview when you get a chance.  In the interview they also mention Elim churches, I happen to know the head of that organization John Glass.  He was one of our main speakers at our bible conference several years ago and we struck up a friendship because he loves photography.  I happen to be the lead photographer at our conferences so I got lucky and made a good friend.  Plus he really liked my photos which helped 🙂

I really liked this part of the interview as I think it speaks volumes as to how the Pentecostal movement has matured.

Interview with Dr. William Kay by Calvin Smith

Calvin Smith – You mention the Toronto Blessing. In recent years there have been various such phenomena which arguably even some Pentecostals and Charismatics (certainly some that I know) believe are at the periphery and somewhat extreme. Is this so? In other words, for the benefit of our non-Pentecostal and Charismatic readers, in your view how do everyday Pentecostals view such phenomena?

William Kay – Contrary to caricature, Pentecostals are remarkably stable. They are not swinging from the chandeliers, or climbing up the walls. Pentecostals may have done that once, but they have become much more capable of discerning and testing spiritual modes of excitement. So classical Pentecostals are unlikely to be carried away very much by fairly temporary moves of this kind. The impact of the Toronto Blessing may have been a wave of refreshing, but it didn’t make any structural changes. I think that this is probably also the case for the Restorationist networks. They saw the Toronto Blessing as a kind of pastoral issue – “How do we pastor this? How do we look after people who are caught up in this?” – but they didn’t see it as a reformation or something that would create new structures, although there were one or two groups which saw the Toronto Blessing in eschatological light, as indicative of revival breaking out by the year 2000. So some attached an eschatological significance to it, but most of them didn’t.


4 thoughts on “Great Interview with Dr. William Kay

  1. I am not A/G but I am Pentecostal so it is really great to read positive articles and interviews. My fellowship is great friends with A/G and Foursquare. We had Jack Hayford come and speak at our World Conference a few years back.

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