Friday’s with Fee

What’s your passion?  I am passionate about many things in life, my family, photography, and various other things.  But how passionate are we about Christ?

It does not take much reading of Paul’s letters to recognize that the gospel is the singular passion of his life; that passion is the glue that in particular holds this letter together.  By “the gospel,” especially in Philippians, Paul refers primarily neither to a body of teaching nor to proclamation.  Above all, the gospel has to do with Christ, both his person and his work.  Paul’s Letter to the Philippians p82, Gordon Fee

Are we too diversified in our passion for life?  Should we strive to have a singular passion?  Or was Paul one of a kind?


3 thoughts on “Friday’s with Fee

  1. I think one could say that our passion for Christ could so far overshadow other “passions” that it could be called singular. If Christ is a passion (which it is), photography is just something I really like.

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