Christmas and the New Year

I want to wish all of my friends a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  I doubt that I will have an opportunity to blog much between now and the end of the year.  It has been a challenging year for blogging but very rewarding as well.  I did find myself struggling to blog on a regular basis, but I did not and will not allow that to become the reason why I stop.  I’ll continue to plug away and maybe try some new things on the new year.

I find blogging to be a very rewarding way of meeting new friends who are like minded.  I also learn so much from reading other blogs and that alone is worth the effort put into it.

This new year is starting off pretty good as my wife and I will be purchasing a new home, and moving into in Jan 2010.  We had owned a house before but due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to sell and rent.   We ended up renting for much longer than we had anticipated but homes finally got down to a price that we could afford, even then I think the housing market is still to high, at least in California.  I am really happy to finally be buying our house, and can’t wait to move in.  I’ll finally be able to paint and decorate my office just the way I like it to be.  Just need to decide what sort of flooring I want to put in, and if I should convert the closet to a built-in-book cases.

I also enrolled in school with a determination to finish my Bachelors in Theology, and aggressively move into a Masters program.  This is a lot more difficult than it sounds as I have lots of demands on my time.  As a father, husband, full time worker, associate pastor, teacher, blogger, friend, basketball player and sometimes unfocused lazy person — I have to figure out a way to make this happen.  But at 43 years old I need to commit and get it done as time is not my friend.  I encourage those of you who are young who are considering doing this to just do it.   Don’t put it off the way I have, just do what you have to do to make it happen.  It will only enrich your life.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “Christmas and the New Year

  1. Congrats on the house and whatever it took to get to that point.

    “I also enrolled in school with a determination to finish my Bachelors in Theology, and aggressively move into a Masters program. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds”

    That sounds difficult to me!

    Merry Christmas to you too.

    I look forward to your posts next year. Thanks for staying on top of HCSB stuff for us.

    • Jeff, I look forward to posting a bit more next year as well. I can’t believe how time goes by so quickly. The HCSB stuff is fun, I like the translation a whole lot better than the ESV 😉

  2. Merry Christmas to you too Robert. Congrats on the house -I know that owning a house is a longing for many of us. Congrats too on getting back into school – it will not be easy, as I know you know, but it will be well worth the effort – and more for you personally than anything else.

    Be blessed!

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