Pre-Order the HCSB Minister’s Bible at Amazon

Amazon is taking pre-orders of the HCSB Minister’s Bible.  Current cost is $62.99.  This bible does contain the second edition of the HCSB.  As the box says it is genuine calfskin which should make for a great reading bible.  I have the original one not calfskin but still a wonderful bible.  I will be replacing my old bible with the new 2nd edition calfskin bible (did I mention I love calfskin bibles?).  Already placed my pre-order.

If you are on a budget you can get the HCSB Minister’s bible in imitation black leather for $37.79 at  I think by imitation leather they mean the Trutone stuff we see at the book stores.  If done right it feels very nice, I got my ESV SB that way, and I also have a few others.  They have a nice feel to them of course not as nice as calfskin, but we are on a budget right?

  • Leather Bound: 1824 pages
  • Publisher: Holman Bible Publishers (June 1, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1433600862
  • ISBN-13: 978-1433600869
  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches

• Lifetime guarantee
• Two-piece gift box
• Single-column Bible text setting
• One inch outside margins for taking notes
• Seventy-two page HCSB concordance
• Introduction to the HCSB
• HCSB Bullet Notes
• Eight 4-color maps
• Where to Turn When . . .
• Plan of Salvation
• Four-color presentation page
• Various wedding and funeral outlines by Jim Henry
• “8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders” by Thom S. Rainer
• “21 Essentials of Authentic Ministry” by James T. Draper
• “Four Kinds of Expositional Preaching” by Ed Stetzer
• “30 Keys to Giving an Invitation” by O. S. Hawkins
• “Leading a Child to Christ” by Bill Emeott
• “Reaching Students with the Gospel” by Lynn H. Pryor
• “The Importance of Baptism and Communion” by Rick White
• Commitment Counseling
• The Christian Year and Church Calendar
• The Apostles and Their History
• Table of Weights and Measures


23 thoughts on “Pre-Order the HCSB Minister’s Bible at Amazon

  1. John says:

    Has anyone heard about the HCSB Stidy Bible yet? I’m just wondering what it will contain as far as study notes; if it will be new commentary or something they have already done before.

  2. Hey Robert, nice article. I know that you are a supporter of the HCSB, as am I. I just wrote the following post about the lack of a comprehensive list of scholars and pastors who are supporters (would recommend) of the HCSB. It has bothered me long enough that I am hoping that some of us who are HCSB supporters can help to reconcile this problem. The goal is to have HCSB supporters get the word out to everyone they know and create a statement (one paragraph) about why they support/recommend the HCSB. I am hoping that there will finally be a list to answer the ESV list. It is not a competition but I believe the HCSB translation deserves a more comprehensive list of supporters. Check out my post and get back to me if you will. I am hoping that you could be a partner in the effort. thanks

  3. Hey Robert,

    Do you have a picture that shows a comparison of the HCSB ultrathin reference Bible compared to the HCSB Legacy large print? I am curious because I am trying to decide which one to purchase. Is there a difference in thickness?

  4. jadambyrd says:

    What kind of quality is this Bible going to be if the calf-skin version is only $65? I wonder if it will be comparable to my Ultrathin Legacy?

  5. jadambyrd says:

    I own the Legacy also, and hope this will be a comparable binding. I’ve preordered, but let me ask, have they kept the same page layout and format?

  6. jadambyrd says:

    THANK GOODNES FOR THE SINGLE COLUMN!!!!! I would like to start a grassroots movement. I absolutely love my Cambridge Pitt Minion, but it’s not available in HCSB. It would be great if Holman would produce a small counterpart to the Minister’s Bible. Something small, sewn, calfskin, matching page numbers, with a few less articles in the back, but some blank or lined pages for visitation notes. I’d buy it. 😉

  7. jadambyrd says:

    You wouldn’t happen to know the ISBN on that little Bible would you? It looks like one I’ve got in a bookcase somewhere, but I never used much because I hate the tab. I’ll have to dig it out and see if its sewn.

    • Erik, I already saw them pretty sweet. I’m in a dilemma, since I have bought my iPad I have not used any of my bibles, since I do all of my reading and studying with it as well. Also I just dropped $100.00 on high quality leather cover for my iPad, as I love the feel and textured of great leather. I doubt I’ll be spending any siginficant dollars on bibles any more.

      I will consider a high quality thinline, either from HCSB or the NIV 2011 who ever has it first will get my dollars, maybe.

      • Wow Robert, you’re wallet is getting quite a bit lighter these days huh? 😉

        Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the NIV 2011 when it comes out next year.

        Enjoy that iPad! As a FedEx courier, I’ve delivered more iPad’s than I can count! 😉

  8. Erik, tell me about it, I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell my wife that I just blew $100 bucks on a leather cover for my iPad. I have the Apple one but I don’t like how it feels at all. It’s practical but not something I want to be carrying my iPad in. I have two fine leather bibles already, I have the HCSB Large thin line, and the TNIV Renaissance bible, I don’t think I need one more, especially since they are on my bedroom night stand collecting dust.

    I have really adapted to the iPad for reading, the size and weight make it just right. I have held big books recently and I really don’t enjoy holding them that much any more. I find myself a bit frustrated, but I still have to buy books because not all books are available in digital format, and if they are it’s a bit challenging to quote from them as they don’t track page numbers, just locations. PDF’s are better for quoting.

    I had original pre-ordered mine, then I canceled it but I am very tempted to get one, but I know that I won’t really use it.

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