Ramblings…is there more to God than just head knowledge

I have to admit that I am a emotional person, I cry at movies, I love to laugh, I had a bad temper once, now I just have this controlled boring anger.  I also love to experience God on a emotional level.  I feel close to God when I experience different emotions during my prayers, and worship.  I often wonder if this was taken from me would I still feel the strong relationship that I have with God?  I wonder if I only understood God or knew him by just having a mental comprehension would I still want to be a Christian?

One thing I am sure of if you take that away, that personal sense of really knowing God on an intimate transforming level you don’t have much left.  I say have both, know God on an intellectual level, and experience his transforming power in your life.


4 thoughts on “Ramblings…is there more to God than just head knowledge

  1. Gary Zimmerli says:

    Interesting thoughts, Robert.

    We all have a different mental make-up, don’t we? Some of us are more emotional, others are more detached and stoic. I think God works with us all at our own level, in fact, I believe he gifts us all with our own type of make-up for his own purposes. So you might not think you would be willing to follow Christ without that certain emotional experience, but it could be exactly the right thing for someone else. (Like me!)

    • Gary, it is interesting how God makes us and allows us to relate to him in that way. Honestly I have been serving the Lord long enough now that I know better and would totally be able to serve him without any emotional experience.

      One thing that we both realize is that we must experience him in whatever way we are able to relate to him.

      • So then, if we are willing and able to serve God without the emotional experience, that is, by faith, what about those emotional experiences that come upon us anyway, the times we are overcome by emotion when it becomes clear to us what He has done for us, the times when His presence becomes so real?

        I think that God deals with each of us in a personal way which fits each of us exactly, and he knows us better than we know ourselves. So no matter what I think about how unemotional I am, He will still come and deal with me that way if He wishes. And every now and then, no matter how hard I try to keep from doing it, He still will come and soften my heart and reduce me to tears.

  2. voguishgaurav says:

    Life’s good and cruel in its own sense…we often see that a person who does not have faith in god tends to pray in times of crisis and when facing the time’s best presence in their life.
    Faith is something that makes you feel that everything is falling right at its place and how you want…
    I realized this from the famous movie called ‘The pursuit of Happiness’……
    A gem of a movie, says it all in 90 mins…

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