Army of Two 40 Day

My son and I completed the game a few weeks back, and it was awesome!  I love shooting games but this one was just great.  I love it because it was designed to be played with two players.  This gives me lots of great opportunities to spend time with my teenage son, who turns 16 this year.  We just started playing on line and that is just as cool, you can play up to 4 players.

Lots of guns to choose from and you can pick up guns from the dead enemies.  You can also carry 3 guns.  Primary is your automatic machine gun, 2nd is your hand gun, and your 3rd gun is your sniper rifle.  There is a bunch to choose from, however you have to buy them.  You earn money as you progress through the game.  There is also these morality choices you have to make.

Highly recommend this game, it is very violent so if that’s not your cup of tea avoid this game.


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