HCSB 2nd edition in print?

There are some rumors floating around that the HCSB 2nd edition is available in print.  Check it out here at Jeff’s Thoughts, and this is the printed version that is being claimed to have the 2nd edition available Apologetics Study Bible For Students

Anyone own a copy that can verify if this is true?  Tempted to buy one but I don’t want another first edition HCSB I already own to many.


7 thoughts on “HCSB 2nd edition in print?

  1. John says:

    Yes it’s the 2009 text. I bought one for my teenage daughter but I’ve been reading some of it myself. She wonders if I really bought it for her or for me! Anyway I’ll probably wait for just a text or reference one to come out. I thought about waiting for the study bible to come out later this year but after seeing the videos about it on YouTube, I’ll probably pass on that. I’m not big on study bibles in general anyway.

  2. John, I really want to see what the final edition looks like. I have an early digital copy of HCSB 2nd edition but my understanding was that there were still more changes to come. Going to my academic Christian book store today during my lunch to go buy one.

    I have put buying books on hold for now, as I plan on purchasing an iPad and hope to purchase most of my books/bibles on it. But can’t wait for this one 😉

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